The Diane Abbott appreciation thread

Does anyone know for sure if she’s all pink inside?

a man goes into a whore house and asks the woman at the desk for the biggest, blackest bitch she has. she tells him to go to room 8, if not room 9, and if not room 10. he goes to room 8 not black enough, room 9 not fat enough, room 10 perfect. he tells her to open her legs and starts taking photographs of her fanny. he then chucks her the money and tells her to close her legs. she asks is that it and he replies yes, i just wanted to know what a big black leather sofa looked like with pink cushions.

An oldie, but may be of some interest to some Arrsers.
Does anyone know for sure if she’s all pink inside?
Don’t know you will have to ask Jezzer about that one. Really disgusting thought of the year, anybody think we went down on her when he was s*****g it back then? It might be the reason why he carries a beard to cover up the scaring?
I thought that Diane has not really had the good press on this site, given her huge ego character she would expect members of Arrse to show their appreciation. This thread is your opportunity to show Diane how much you love her and how you appreciate all the efforts in the House of Commons she has put in for little return.

Over to Arrse....
I gave you an ET rating. That's two of us who won't get done for racism.

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