The Diamond Jubilee medal

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by BigLeeNapes, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. This'll get you old sweats going I'm sure....

    I missed out out on the last medal by 3 weeks(according to RCMO),
    Pretty pissed off about that but couldn't be arsed to serve another year(potentially) just to get it.
    This time round(I'm a re join) it looks likely that I will miss out on it by 5 weeks.( I am leaving again as I think the Army is poo)
    What i plan to do is just buy the Diamond Jubilee from Ebay as I think my 8 years total deserves at least one of the medals.

    Who has a problem with this?
    Point to note: I will happily wear this medal(along with my others) annually at remembrance parade without any remorse whatsoever.
    I look forward very much to your response :)
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  2. Response? Reported as spam.
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  3. *crashes into thread* Spam? What? Where? *looks around wildly* Oi'll moider da bum!
  4. Windup.
  5. Agree, it's more 'mong' than 'spam' unfortunately. Although 'dull', 'dire' and '****' also suggest themselves.
  6. Response? Bored.

    Your sock puppet account effort on taking a tank home was quite amusing, the rest is now drivel. Where's red rose when you need a proper twat? Banned that's where.
  7. ******* hell, its a jubilee medal. Not exactly a VC is it, staple it to your ******* forehead so you can wear it all year. ****
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  8. I think it's a shit idea. Buy both, and save having to answer embarrasing questions about why you only have the one.
  9. Couldn't give a shit about you walting it up with a give away medal. I do hope you die in a house fire on Christmas morning for inflicting your particular brand of sock puppet wind up sheep cuntery on to ARRSE though.
  10. How long have you Served Coxy93?, would you be ok if they said your not receiving the Jubilee medal because they are running short and it's only a jubilee medal after all, not a VC, I suspect you wouldn't.. ****.
  11. Ah, you see this is where you are wrong, I really do intend to buy this medal with no shame whatsoever.
  12. Stone the WALT!
  13. A Walt wouldn't admit to it though surely?
  14. Since you apparently haven't qualified for it then wearing it is walting. Hopefully you'll have died of cancer of the bellend long before next Remembrance Day though.