The Devon Royal British Legion 150

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Devon_Walker, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi, we've asked Good CO for permission to post this on Arrse, and are grateful for this opportunity.

    There will be a sponsored walk covering 150 miles around Devon, during
    14/11//09 to 20/11/09. The event is sanctioned by the Devon County Office of the Royal British Legion. All proceeds are intended for the Devon County Office of The Royal British Legion, shared with the Veterans' Hostel.

    Why? Devon is one of many areas affected by operations past and present. We hope to raise thousands of pounds and bolster the presence of the RBL in Devon, working directly with those in need.

    Donations, support or pledges would be welcomed by the RBL Devon County Fundraiser. We'll also be collecting along the way.

    Devon County Fundraiser (Devon RBL 150)
    Devon County RBL

    Many thanks for reading this.

  2. Further to the Devon County RBL 150 Sponsored Walk thread, the first leg of the journey will visit Dartmouth on Saturday, November 14, 2009 from lunchtime. The local Dartmouth Branch will be in support and wellwishers will be welcomed. A Facebook account has been opened for Devon Walker, with route information. Comments, donations and banter are all welcomed :wink:

    ArmyNET Site Admin have also granted us space to publicise the event under Welfare Issues, User: 2194harri.

    Devon Walker

    Photos and comments will be added as we go along, many thanks in advance on behalf of Devon County RBL for donations and support.
  3. Hi all, looking for some sound advice, wonder if anyone can help. Can anyone recommend a good, low cost MP3 Player, plus a GPS hand held device that will last a good 12 hours? Both will have to stand up to the weather and some heavy use on this walk. Had a look at the E Trex but it seems a bit basic as well as expensive for what it is.

    One week to go....
  4. BUMP good mate of mine and worth a punt. He'll manage this as well, top bloke. No apologies for the shameless plug :p
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Devon Walker,

    Check PMs.
  6. Thanks Mysteron, PM sent :eek:
  7. The donation procedure is too complex for me at my late stage of life. If you have a paypal address, I'll fork out for your end-of-walk pint. Maybe two...
  8. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    DW - seen and replied. Contact details are there.
  9. Nice one and many thanks Whiskybreath :eek: Paypal is a bit tricky for us, but donations or cheques of any size may be sent to:

    The County Fundraiser at The Royal British Legion County Office, Exeter.

    Our thanks for your support for this, helping us to help those in need.
  10. Keep up the good work, have worked with you guys on the Torquay case recently and you have a very proffesional set up in Exeter
  11. True sharpbrummie, they keep me busy anyway :p and have been very good to Mon Abri, as well as all the folks we see during the week.
    Many thanks for your comments.
  12. Mate this is not a criticism in anyway.

    Have you advertised this on any of the mil camps in Devon as I kinda am close to one and not heard of this until now.

    Great work though, just send any posters, bumf etc to the media ops rep per unit

  13. Emails are going out , HH. Any support is appreciated. As you're aware, we have a wealth of military in Plymouth and surrounding Devon.
    And thanks PM sent. :D
  14. When are you in Torbay?
  15. Hi matey :wink:

    Itinerary here for Torbay area:

    Depart 14 November 2009 Plymouth PL6 5LU destination Dartmouth

    15 Nov 1500hrs Pint in the Dartmouth RBL Club and some scran, hopefully
    a bed and some gonk/down time before sparrows fart move to Torbay

    15 November Dartmouth to Newton Abbott via Torbay, Paignton and Torquay collecting en route

    16 November Newton Abbott to Exeter via Kingsteignton, Oakford, to Chudleigh, arriving Exeter approx 1800hrs