The Devil in the Churchyard

Eric the Hunchback was taking a shortcut from the village pub back to his hovel, by cutting across the churchyard, what he didn't know was that the Devil was waiting there.
All of a sudden Eric is confronted by the Devil and is paralysed by fear
"What's that on your back?" asked the Devil
"Ttthat's my hump" stammered Eric
"I'll have that" said the Devil and, all of a sudden Eric's back is straight and the Devil has the hunchback
The spell is broken and Eric runs away.

The next day, Eric is seen walking around straight of back, and everyone wants to know what happened.
That evening in the pub, Eric tells his story and his mate Clubfoot Charlie thinks "I'll give that a go" so, that night, after the pub closed Charlie took a walk across the graveyard, sure enough, the Devil steps out
"What's that on the end of your leg?" he asked
"That's my club foot" said Charlie
"Oh" said the Devil, "Have a hump to go with it".

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