The Deviant McNab

I'm sure many ARRSErs are familiar with John Buchan's famous novel 'John McNab'.

For those who aren't, the story is about a group of friends in the early nineteen-twenties who are bored of civilian life, and decide to spice things up a bit by poaching on the estates which neighbour their holiday cottage in the Highlands.

To make this even more exciting, they give advance warning to the estate owners in letters which they sign as John McNab.

Since there are many ex-soldiers here on ARRSE who are doubtless also finding civilian life a touch boring, surely we could update the concept somewhat?

Perhaps a letter to the local authority saying that 'John McNab' will be kidnapping one of their mongs and making a bukkake film on a certain date, or to a petshop saying that one of their hamsters will be taped and raped.

Has anyone any other suggestions?

Edited for spelling
Tried it many years ago. Got the salmon and the burds but no feckin deer. The Estate we challenged (as per McNab Regs) had a very canny ex-Booty gamekeeper, he brought the livestock into safer quarters till he knew the bet was expired. Still, many happy nights on the moor...

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