The destruction of petionville, port au prince

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bazzinho1977, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. I am sure you have seen the news of a massive earthquake hitting Port Au Prince, the capital of Haiti. This has destroyed most of the capital, including both government and aid buildings, schools, housing and hospitals. The death toll is rising alarmingly. A greater part of the deaths appear to be in Petion Ville, one of the poorest places in the Western Hemisphere.

    The aid agencies are starting to respond to this crisis, yet another blow to a country that has been hit by a number of natural crises last year after years of man made crises before that.

    I shall be donating money to Care International, who are part of the Disasters Emergency Committee. If any of you would like to do the same, then donations can be given at:

    Mods - if this is in the wrong place / inappropriate, feel free to move this.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sadly complete sinking of the whole cess pit is probably best but as per usual we will be tapped up by the chuggers. I have nothing against helping people but Haiti has been a hell hole for far too long!
  3. Petionville is not the poorest 'hood in Haiti by far, that's where the rich and famous locals are living... all the best restaurants are located there. "Le Bistro" is a nice one...

    If you want a poor district, go to Cite Soleil or Canape Vert...the slums there are unbelievable....
  4. Well, good for you. I shall not.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Haiti is a hole not just any particular town, wealth is relative!
  6. I've no doubt some of my taxes will be sent there by the Department For Inept Donations, so I think I'll pass thanks. It'll be time to donate to the RNLI soon.
  7. think comrade fidel should be encouraged to take the place over.
    everything else has been tried usually badly to make the place work :evil:

    Ok the rich may complain but morally rephensiable elities can go to florida or be shot they are part of the problem :twisted:

    cuba survives regardless of a us blockade they might be able to make the place function. can't see anyone else.
  8. I believe there are people in the United Kingdom who are homeless. I shall therefore be attending to their needs first...

    Post-imperial guilt trip or genuine humanitarianism. We'll never really know.
  9. sorry ment comrade raoul :roll:
  10. Agreed.
    There are many worthy places for any spare cash right here in the UK.
  11. Had the worst Garlic Mushrooms in my life whilst at "Le Bistro" back in 2000. It was literally a plate of raw mushrooms sliced with sunflower oil and raw crushed garlic on them.

    Anyway, Petionville was a sh1thole last time I was there. We only went down to Cite Soleil to visit a mad vuduan priest called Silva Josef.

    Basically, comparing any part of Haiti to the rest of the Western world leaves you thinking it is a hell hole.
  12. Yes. But a vast number of those in the UK are absolute lackwits who wont pull their own bloody fingers out. Some are genuinely deserving of charity. How can you tell the difference?

    As for your comment on post-imperial guilt trip - I am not certain we had anything to do with Haiti during any of its history when we had an empire. So why should anybody in the UK feel guilty?

    Anyway - giving to charity is a p1ss1ng competition about which charity each individual chooses to give money to or not. I just felt that perhaps somebody should provide people who wanted to donate with information of where they could donate.
  13. As an ex-crew at Falmouth station, I applaud your donation.
  14. Rumour has it, the earthquake did £50million worth of improvements.
    Sorry but charity begins at home and the "caribbean" should look after their own.
    All those rich bankers with their off-shore accounts can help.
  15. One can imagine that the only responders will be the UK and the US...the leftist nations in the region,, Cuba and Venezuela will stand by and do nothing. like most of Europe, as well.