The destiny of the AMS TA.


Having just joined a TA Unit after a millenia in the Regulars (Or does it just feel like that), what does the future hold for the AMS TA?

After deploying a TA Fd Hosp, which has been brushed over in this Forum, taking soldiers from all TA units. Where are next tranche to come from?

Are AMS TA Units in jeopardy in being disbanded and having soldiers placed into Regional Specialist Units that can be 'cherry-picked' for Consultants and nurses? Having a regional centre in London, Bristol, Birmingham,Manchester and Glasgow for example. Training as required like the specialist units within the AMS TA. The Bean Counting Civil Servants in search of their OBE's would save a fortune on CO's, 2IC's, Adjts and RSM's.
A very timely question...AMD are working on their proposals for the Deployable Medical Capability Study (DMC) Phase 2 even as we speak. It will look at the size and shape of the DMS (all three Services are conducting their own parts of the study) out to 2010, in order to meet the Interim Defence Planning Assumptions.

I believe that radical thinking is being encouraged, particularly with regard to the regular/reserve mix, and the shape of the TA.


Well that doesn't give you a warm fuzzy feeling after the DCS 15 and Pay 2000 recommendations for the RAMC and the Pay proposals etc, low band and all!

I've never found the RAMC fights its corner well when proposals are called for. After the MOD or whoever say' "Well the Corps had the chance to put a case and didn't!" Maybe in seven years they may get it right.......

Also is the TA going to be scaled in what direction?
I don't know what is being planned, but my understanding is that it will focus on providing a structure that will meet the operational outputs the TA will be required to provide.

Some suggestions I've heard bandied about (none of which are necessarily going to come to anything) are:

1. Put all field hospitals, regular and TA, into 2 med Bde.
2. Create hybrid units (regular fd hosps with TA elements).
3. Create regional 50 bed TA units which come together in a modular way, or reinforce regular fd hosps.


I can see the AMS TA going into a large specialised 'Pot' which can be cherry picked. No TA unit can deploy alone and can therefore become generic- Big data-base- deploy who you need.

I agree the regional units can't be far away.

When does the new DGAMS start?.........................

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