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From the RSM's now Famous reply to whiners..

"I was very impressed with 99% of the OCdts that took part (probably why I'm not interested in the opinions of those that didn't). They were motivated, interested and appeared to enjoy the period... but clearly if they didn't, a better response would be to speak up and voice their thoughts rather than hide behind a pseudonym and post ill informed comments on a web-site. MORAL COURAGE (Gentlemen!)"

Now I don't know about any of you but this definitely looks like an invite to help the RSM with suggestions to training, and how he runs the unit.
Very kind of him I thought, and some thing you should take full advantage of.

As I am already known to the powers that be, I would like to suggest keeping the mess open for us to use when we just feel like a chill out in day/ evenings etc and have some tea coffee making facilities. Oh and some choccy digestives wouldn't go a miss also.

I just wonder how many more of you are going to take this once in a life time opportunity to have tea with the RSM and express your views?

I like your style, if you want to use the Mess all you need to do is ask.

I am sure the Commanding Officer would not object to anyone making better use of the facilities at the TAC.
Now you see this is all very sensible, I've believed for a long time (5minutes at least) that the ULOTC mess should be open for tea and medals every afternoon from 4-7 every week night so students can come and socialise. With potentially 500 OCdts to come and enjoy the afternoon goodness I think we have real opertunity here to employ a full time member of mess staff, surely it would only require a £10 increase per year for each intake and think of the benefits! Pop in for tea and toast after lectures, maybe the bar could be opened? How much more sociable would this make life? Your thoughts please?
Says the guy who treats the place like a retirement home :)

Thanks RSM. You are the best RSM for miles and miles.
Not in the habbit of insulting RSM's when they know who you are, but i get your point. Ford your a nice guy too.
Increasing the amount of time between Joining Instructions being released and the start date of an event would be very helpful. I think the Annual Camp final details were released after the Cocktail party when some people had already packed and were staying at Cambridge TAC! Some events also suffered a complete lack of joining instructions- which left one hapless OCdt hassling people about start dates halfway through a two week camp.
On the other hand, Joining Instructions for a lot of things get issued a long way in advance. The camp ones were a pain, but I think that's a case of just one snafu - usually the top floor is excellent at that sort of thing. (eg, the EXECUTIVE STRETCH JIs, and the recruiting ones - both out earlyish last month)

Agreed Smithie, however KGVI and Courses Camp both suffered in the way I mentioned.
Foxtrot.oscar wrote:

'which left one hapless OCdt hassling people about start dates halfway through a two week camp'

Thats because your a mong, not like you had Int briefs every week or so, I didnt even go and I knew exactly where to be on the 2nd tuesday of camp.

But your right the email with the program was not send out untill the 24/06/05
It wasn't me, and it was courses not annual camp that I was refering to.
This reminds me of my first camp up at Otterburn. It was named mushroom camp, because we were kept in the dark and fed sh*t for 2 weeks. We just about knew what our next rotations were, but usually got the suggested kit list about 2hrs before we needed to leave and the 2nd week was a complete cluster.
Might I suggest that since this thread began with steptoe quoting the RSM's bollocking of whingers, some people haven't entirely grasped the point?

Ref the issuing of instructions:-

HUAA.... That point will now be addressed

Although... If in future anyone is unsure of what equipment is required, where they need to be, and when they need to be there - they should make contact and ask.

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