The DemocRat Convention: Honoring Turkish and Soviet Militaries

Discussion in 'US' started by Yank_Lurker, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Fighter jets shown at DNC were Turkish, not American | The Daily Caller

  2. Whats screwed up is not that this happened, thats a given that there will be screwups, like those Paultards throwing peanuts at a camerawoman the coordinators should have Known the Paultards were going to act up since their boy didn't win. But that the GOP only notices now a week afterwards. Day Late and Dollar short as my pop would say. Had they pointed it out that night or the next could have made points. Now seems Meh...
  3. Still not the most embarrassing poltical backdrop of the modern political age. Remember this?

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  4. Or the BNP using a picture of a Polish Spitfire in 2009 to advertise their anti-immigration stance.
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  5. Sure do and still not as embarrassing as Russian Navy Ships on 50 ft screens and no one noticed there was no US flags.
  6. Right, because that's FAR worse than kicking off a 10 year war which killed hundreds of thousands by not having the slightest clue what's going on...
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  7. That is a good point. A polictical jamboree without a mind numbing sea of national clichees should have been a sign that something wasn't right.
  8. Powerpoint junior staff stock footage happens all the time.
    The mail has used photos of us and german troops when illustrating stories about uk forces.

    Although the german troops might just be wishful thinking :)
  9. Yank_Lurker...may I ask what exactly is Rat-like about the Democrats? Put another way, even if the question may sound gay to you - why do you hate them so passionately? In what way do they threaten you?
  10. They're going to force him to have subsidised healthcare, which means that they're communists who will also force him to marry an enormous, sexually insatiable Negro man.

    That clear now?
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  11. Meh, after Mitt Romney's latest both feet in his gob, "My job is not to worry about those people," moment, you are going to have President Obama sailing back up Pennsylvania Avenue in triumph.
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  12. Are you suggesting Yank_Lurker is feeling under endowed at the hands of the POTUS and his enormous African-American manhood?
  13. A succinct summary of American right-wing politics...but where the hell do people get these ideas from? Surely penis size cannot be the dominant factor. Is a constant barrage of Fox News and Ayn Rand novels enough to turn millions of Americans into paranoiacs?
  14. I'm only half-joking when I say that large swaths of the American Right have a horrified fascination with the subject of bumrape. Listen to their conversation or read their chat, and there are constant references to 'asspain', to 'buttfucked' enemies and the like. In their more rational moments it takes the form of a disapproval of gay marriage, combined with a constant ransacking of the Bible in search of disapproval of homos.

    They have, at the back of their minds, a great terror that one day the last bastion will fall and they will be taken, roughly, from behind by non-whites. They would then be forced to admit how much they'd been looking forward to it.
  15. In the populist US press and fiction from the 19th, right through to the 20th C, the 'Great American Fear' was Rastus rising up and raping all their wimmen and bumming all the good ol' boys.

    Consider the popular right wing reference to President Obama as 'Obummer'.