The demise of Cheeks....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Alas it is no longer......but not to worry clubbers, they've just renamed it again, it's now Vox! Fcuk knows where they get the names for that place, over the years its been Limelight, Rhythm Station and it's always been gash!
    Moody will have to change her location on her profile now.
  2. New name, new floor but the same old smell!!
  3. Did it smell?!!
  4. What the fcuk? When did they do that!

    "Come to Vox and get co ck pox" - I like it :)
  5. 'fraid you're no longer doing the two step in cheeks! :thumright:
  6. I'll change mine to something else then right away. Gotta move with the times.

    But, seriously...fcuking "Vox" - who came up with that shitty name?
  7. It's owned by the same idiots that own Jaxx, fcuk being one of their kids with that record of naming stuff!

    Did it smell.... WAH
  8. Damn. Sussed!
  9. A sad day and the loss of a local institution. It will be sorely missed. Not.
  10. It must have been a hell of a fight to warrant the name change.
  11. Vox is going to be really upmarket, word on the street is thats its gonna have a VIP area.
  12. Very Immature Pricks?
  13. There was a young squaddie in Cheeks,
    A lovely young lady he seeks,
    But he found Moody Bitch,
    She gave him an itch,
    To get rid. It took fecking weeks.
  14. Moodybitch doesn't go down there
    She goes up the Trafalgar instead
    Cheeks reeks of cheese and fat wimmin
    Than go there, she'd rather be dead

    But you crack on if you like old fella
    You may find you finally get shagged
    Get down there and get pis sed on stella
    But watch that your co ck don't get ragged

  15. you can do better than that MB!