The demise of April Fool

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legs, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. Yes, the fun has been sucked out of life.

  2. No, the jokes are there, you just didn't see them.

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  3. Is it April already?

  1. 1st April has been and gone, and I found myself wondering, where were all those professional April Fools jokes?

    Most of us remember the Spaghetti Farm that Panorama did years and years ago. All I saw was some BBCi trailer showing some flying Penguins, and our very own Outstanding's miserable effort here:

    Has the April Fool's joke been deemed 'Not PC' and binned?
  2. One of the Scottish radio statons claimed that Glasgow Airport was to be renamed John Smeaton Airport. Cue self- righteous Scot phoning in to give (small) piece of his mind!

    Unfortunately, thats the best I heard of.
  3. I fear you are correct Legs. Everyone these days is afraid of getting in the shit for upsetting the local Muslim / Christian / Gay / Straight / Mong person.

    Although when I looked at my new pay statement for 01 April I thought - thats good of Glasgow to send ou April fool pay statements, then I realized it wasn't :roll:

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  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    If that were to announced in England there would be mayhem!

    And it was not all PC;

  5. Apart from the PC police stopping any outbreak of humour that may offend the "minorities" which in itself is a joke, there is also the HSE to contend with, who will probably see pranks and jokes as a possible risk to life and limb.

    The old days have gone and we wont ever get them back.
  6. Biscuit was taken by BMW ad in most of the papers yesterday with an invention by Dr Hans Zoff, for the device that puts out 200v when a dog pees against your car tyre.

    Can't remember the name, but the initials for it were CRAP.
  7. The BBC flying penguins with Terry Jones was pretty good...and very realistic. I saw CNN putting in the same league as the Spaghetti Harvest one.
  8. Funny one in Australia. The Rock radio station claimed the Foo Fighters were playing a free gig and thousands of people booked flights, funny stuff!

    Official statement from The Rock's Program Director:

    I arrived back in the country today after a week long holiday and heard of the announcement on The Rock that the Foo Fighters are playing tomorrow morning in Auckland. This is an April Fools gag, dreamed up by our over enthusiastic promotions department and completely untrue.
    On behalf of The Rock I sincerely apologise for this mis-information.
    Contracts have been terminated, and heads have rolled. This is what happens when fools plan April Fools jokes.
  9. gotta agree with infiltrator, Aunty Beebs flying penguins was good. Mrs GSB was thoroughly impressed. Then I drew her attention to the date....
  10. It was quite well done, but I wish they would stop repeating it over and over. It was used to trail IPlayer at least three times last night and the subject of an "aren't we clever" puff piece during Breakfast this morning!
  11. I thought the 2 headed llama in the metro was a bit of a poor effort, can see the guys in the suits shoes...
  12. I thought the page about Lympstone shutting down and mergine with the paras to make a "super hyrbird para commando" due to cuts ,believed it at first until i scored the date!
  13. It was good but spoilt when they said the penguins migrated to some place hot and sunny for the winter. Does the Beeb take us for complete idiots (or are we still missing a part of idiocy?) :lol:
  14. There was the one a couple of years ago about Paras, being re-rolled as Heli bourne, calling themselves 'Helicopter Attack Troops' or HATs for short.


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