The defining word or expression for the modern English woman.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BaldBaBoon, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. In my usual idle monging at the weekend, I was reading through various stories on the newspapers/msn websites and noticed that there were five articles out amongst them telling about the woes of the modern English woman in regards to their poor choice in potential partners in the English man.

    The MSN story was the usual anti-male hate fest in that we are all now selfish bastards who cannot meet expectations, so have given up and are now all living lives alone in far greater numbers than women are.

    One of the standalone comments in reply stated " when you see the state of most English women, you can understand why "

    Is there anything that describes an English female in a positive light such as attributed to foreign girls ?..fiery Italians, amazonian Norweigens, etc etc.

    I am honestly struggling to come up with a good point, being able to out-drink/fight blokes and being a pretty easy lay is what immediatly sprung to mind.
  2. English 'pear shaped' 'broad in the beam' asses
  3. Overweight, overindulgent, overbearing, over self-regarding. Do I have to go on, I`m close to tears just thinking about it. Not so long ago even the dogs tried to look their best, but now not even the decent looking ones take that extra step to looking spectacular. It all went tits up when women started to believe they could get away with behaving and acting like men.
  4. Well considering the calibre on most british high streets is this....

    "Dumpy english women" or "Deluded English women" spring to mind first off. Fat bints who think blokes should fancy them regardless of how fat & unkempt they get, and you're a cunt if you don't.
  5. I`m no queer or misogynist, but that is a picture of the horrors that inhabit my nightmares. Fucking useless, fat lazy slags.
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  6. It does amaze me how many of these whales THINK they are fit as ten and laugh at you when you try to chat them up at 0230 when the clubs are shutting... Oh is that just me, TAXI
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  7. I have to drive through east Hull on my way to work and get stopped at every pedestrian crossing to witness examples just like those in that picture waddling across the road with young kids and prams in tow, often still in pyjamas or a tracksuit with food stains on it. The worst of that is it means some desperate twat is shagging them unless its immaculate conception. I despair for the future of our nation....
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  8. They're usually pushing a buggy with at least one little BOB in it, so some poor drunk or drugged up arsehole is regularly getting his end away.

    (Noun: BOB.... bastard on benefits )
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  9. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Listen to Women's Hour. This, from a supposedly quality radio station.

    OK, we have Dave.
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  10. They are the reason homosexuality is now so popular.
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  11. No it`s not just you. It`s also the father of the de rigeur little coffee coloured twat the fat slag has in the Social Services provided push chair in front of her.
  12. You people keep telling us normal folk that "homosexuality isn't a choice".

    If the Brotherhood of puddle dodgers has been lying about this,that means that you have inflicted the likes of Graham Norton and the Communards on us for a giggle.

    Stand by for an extended spell in not-so-happy camp.
  13. I put it down to Gerald Butler in 300 screaming
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  14. Well perhaps now men are making a sensible choice or option rather than poke munters. I can only play a small part...