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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Entered the MoD website by another route and ran over this. How long has it been up there?

    Having read that little lot, is it saying UK PLC will visit harm on enemies of Her Majesty , or is it a Party Political Broadcast?

    I thought a Defence vision would have been "Try it on , and you will get such a slap"
  2. YOu shold have posted this in the political correctness thread. I think if your single line had been printed, the amount of paper saved woudl have been enormous, notwithstanding the amount of hot air fromthe tw*t who wrote / spoke it.
  3. This is quite impressive but you should see what Yank writers of mission statements can get their minds and word-processors around. Don't have any on file yo explain but - trust me.
  4. From that "statement":

    Greater focus on capability rather than delivery platforms.

    Anyone know what this means? Is it a 70's style footwear issue?
  5. What about this little beauty:

    The highest standards of professionalism among men and women imbued with fighting spirit, well trained and properly equipped.

    Why do we still get mongs, fatties, lunatics and social outcasts coimng out of phase one trg then?
  6. Battsimm, presumably because one day they will grow up to write sh1te like the "Defence Vision"......
  7. Ah this old chestnut again. Essentially it means 'doing more with less' but that's actually quite a cynical and narrow minded view. It is a tacit acceptance of the fact that in the past, Defence has focussed on having x number of MBTs, so many rotary wing a/c and so forth, to maintain some sort of force balance with our principal enemy. However, increases in technology, coupled to the increasingly assymetric nature of potential adversaries mean that traditional platform focussed capability (i.e. a tank or a gun) is becoming increasingly redundant, and we must be ready to combat threats from virtually anywhere, at short notice, in virtually any terrain, and be able to rapidly cycle through the continuum of operations as well.

    This is a pretty tall order, and much has been made of the Defence Vision as the cornerstone of this new approach; dare I say it 'A Third Way' (giggle) to conduct military operations.

    SMART procurement is but one component of this desire to re-balance and focus on capability, not platforms, which is why programs like Bowman were afforded such high priority as they were integral to the whole concept of 'enabling effect' from a wide array of delivery systems, resulting in an exponentially increased capability at the 'effect end.'

    In my defence, this is actually quite a simplistic answer to your query, but to dive under the skin of this would require an entire website plus staff all its own - in fact, something like the DLO or DPA sites! ;)
  8. Mission Statements...........another piece of Cwrap to come out of America.
    Whilst getting on with the job in hand, I would occasionally look up at the one stuck on the office window and the only one I've seen which made sense......... "SBDD" [same bullshute, different day]. Worked for me :D
  9. Correct, capability, not platforms. Platforms is for waiting at, for a train, or for some chavette in stupid nazareth knockabouts. Capability is for kicking ass.
  10. Thanks for the explanation -but at the point I reached this sentance my Bullshitometer flipped.

    "Capability" is one of those pieces of BS management speak that slid into the space that "Solutions" used to occupy until it was overworked. Its vague but warm and friendly; a salesman's favourite. Just the trerm you use when you want the prospect to imagine a "something" that solves his problem in his own words but without being at all specific about he will get. So, exactly how interchangable are the capabilities of the different platofrms? Are the effects on the enemy from a fighter aircraft or Frigate truly interchangable with a section on the ground? How exactly will a networked battlefield help a 20 man platoon do the work of a 30 man one in low level IS?

    It looks like the argument to invest in magic or miracles because the tasks and resources don't match up. When rationally there isnl;t an answer but politically there has to be, invent a magic black box that allows us to take on unlimited commitments without planning to resource them.

    This isn't the first time the argument has been deployed. I distinctly recall a similar line of argument as the rationale for investing 10% of the army equipment budget in the 1980s into BATES, ADCIS and BOWMAN (Gosh I remember being asked what should go into BOWMAN in 1988). Since then there ought to be a sizeable body of evidence to show how effective this investment has been. Exactly how have BATES and ADCIS enabled the British army to do more with less since the 1990s?

    I have no faith in the MOD's ability to buy IT that works, is delivered on time or in budget. The wholse system is optimised for moving money from the public purse to the shareholders of contractors and an army of management consultants who deam up this clever load of gonads.

    The emporer has no clothes and his household staff have been flogging his wardrobe.
  11. More cuts on the way then!
  12. Been around since some time last year - folk in Main Building have been given a credit-card sized piece of card with the subject headings on it, they were being handed out when I visited in late '05.

    Nice to see where the money goes.

  13. Where does "Asset-stripping to line the pockets of the Carlyle Group" appear? :twisted:

    I knew some DERA guys and I hope they have made a bob or two...come on guys, you must remember me....mine's a pint!
  14. I reckon it means that, with one flourish of a pen, they no longer have to purchase all the gucci aircraft, ships and weapons systems we have been promised for years; instead, they just spend 10% of what it would have cost on more pointless training, and commit us to even more overstretch.
  15. When mission statements entered the civvy world they were one liners. IBM had "a computer on every desk" for instance. And they worked well.

    However, as usual the MoDseems to have adopted the idea and extracted any value it might have had by producing this verbose, long-winded, vacuous and irrelevant pile of sh1te. A proper mission statement would read "To kill the Queen's enemies"