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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Dec 29, 2005.

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    msr LE

    Queries regarding the DELC Service should be addressed to:

    The Defence Electronic Learning Support Centre as follows:
    Tel: 0845 330 9643
    Fax: 01159 848696

    Send off this application form:

    Here's the course list:

    Here's the course descriptions:

    It's centrally funded, so won't cost your unit anything. Oh yes, and it is available to the TA.

  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Yes it is, have just looked thought the syllabus ECDL - Syllabus. 50% of it is very very valid for every class 3 Sigs Operator (all arms)(the remainder Word, Excel and Access is just classed as 'valid') and the rest should be a core requirement for TA officers.

    I'm going to suggest to my OC that he views people with this qual more favourably than those with DITS (or at least as equals).

    We've been ignoring the core problems for far too long (i.e. reteaching kit X over and over instead of giving people the foundation knowledge they really need). Good qual for civilian employment (office workers) and good for signallers - nobody looses, everyone gains.
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Well I appreciate it, I'm working on a cunning plan at the mo, this fits into it like a dream. It delivers part of 12 Sigs Grp class 3 operators RSTO's and also does the same for 2 (NC) Sig Grp YofS (if you hadn't worked it out, their is a large slab of irony there) :lol: :lol:

    Have also got agreement for MTD's for online learning, will also be pushing for MTD's for qualification (or only offer MTDs for qualification). I'm also lucky that I have the techs/operators/IS Eng to support such as scheme.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Do the Shriv or Softbox courses help?

  8. Not onto that level yet, looking at gaps in the class 3 and 2 training this week. IS is an absolute mare, no experience of training it but would demand a lot of resources if we did.

    PRINCE 2 does sound good though, something to sell the outside and benefitting the corps. I know my Sqn has people who would really benefit from ideas put forward on this site, I just hope I(/we) can develop them. They seem to be an open book that just wants information written onto it but at times we ignore them and concentrate on the chavs.

    p.s. Those that have worked out my ID and agree with it, its in your interest to respond (take it from me we are being listened to and they think the same).
  9. Quick update.

    DELC will only issue a student a certificate if they attend the DELC in person, you can also attend these centres at weekends but as its unmanned you wont get a certificate.

    I was particularly intrested giving my untrained soldiers the same Basic Signalling Skills that their regular counterparts would do, this means attempting ECDL modules 1, 2 and 7 (quite a few only do these modules - leaving word, excel, access and powerpoint out of the equation). So this leaves me with the problem of having evidence that they have attended these courses (an online @ home is by far the best solution, no resources, cheap, etc), the only solution I could think of was to get soldiers to pass the tests and then give them MTD's (2 days for 1,2 & 7 and 4.5 days for full set).
    However to pass the tests, soldiers would need to register for the ECDL (£18) and then pay a fiver for each test. They are getting a civilian qualification so why not pay for it plus they are also getting paid by the army for passing it. (Note registering with DELC is free)

    Lastly some courses appear to be very interesting (to geeks like I), I've shown the list to only one other and they are asking their civilian boss if they can be given time to study these courses. (Yet another retention point)
  10. I presume your talking about York, it wouldn't take too much effort to get the centre manned and advertise the ECDL courses as a normal course. Have several TA Signal Regiments in that area (33, 34 and 38), surely it wouldn't to hard for them to draw up a rota to man the centre at weekends. Also York has transit accomodation, cookhouse etc so G1/G4 issues are minor. Plus its close to Strensall (15 Bde TT) so transport being used for those courses can be used for IT courses.