The Debate!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Balderdash_and_Piffle, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. Don't know if I'm picking up the wrong vibes, but today's media coverage seems, to me, to focus on the issue of how many viewers the debate will attract, nothing to do with the challenges facing the Country - if it can be called a debate in the way we've always recognised debates until tonight.

    Personally, I predict the biggest non-event of the decade and I shall listen to it on the radio as my small transistor radio will cause less damage than throwing the TV against the wall with the frustration at the buggery b*ll*cks we can expect to receive as "answers"! :roll:
  2. To be honest I probably won't watch it.
    I liked the idea and was initially all for it but I'm not sure my blood pressure will cope with the level of bullshit
  3. I'll be watching it unless I fall asleep :D

    I didn't agree with it as it is much too American, but since we have to follow the Yanks I suppose I will have to see how it goes.
  4. I'm watching it purely because it's a 'first' in Britain, although most of it is scripted: being heavily confined by the long set of rules. What ever happened to British politics being childish and petty like PMQT?
  5. I'll wait till the morro and get it from the papers/workforce. I can see it now, labour just win debate by a head, lib dems look like a strong contender but tories will go forth and multiply due to Camerons strong seed.
  6. It will be the most irritating work of lies and fiction since the Koran was penned or the labour party manifesto!

    Waste of TV as no one will give a straight or honest answer...

    If I want dogmatic lies from a delusional b*stard I'll come on here and read Whets posts.
  7. That coming from Griffins fluffer :roll:
  8. Whet lies?
  9. Yes.

    IVV is too ugly to be Griffins fluffer - he's really the BNPs fool.
  10. You don't agree with it because it will show what an utter irrelevance the 'all things to all people' party you purport to support actually are.
  11. Yep, you're totally right. Because Osbourne did SOOOOO well in the last debate didn't he?

  12. Theres only one of us who fluffs a one eyed idiot around here...and it ain't me... so that only leaves you... which explains the defence of gay rights.. youre mandlesons spunk dump.

    Bent in every meaning of the word.
  13. While Osborne stands a good chance of being Chancellor, Cable will spend the rest his days bumping his gums on the sidelines of the party that never got invited to the party.
  14. I said you weren't his fluffer - you couldn't even do that right. You are limited to standing behind him in dessies and pretending you are still serving.

  15. Says the bloke who spent the last decade serving in the doley army :roll: