The Death Penalty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Phil306, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. Well I'm all for it as long as you can prove the murderer, rapist, kiddy fiddler or whatever is defiently guilty. A lot of people were put to death that were innocent, can't be having that it's not gentlemenly.
  2. I support the death penalty as a means of justice but in a liberal society like the UK I can't see it being implemented. If I'm not mistaken, the entire Western world has outlawed the death penalty now, with the exception of the USA. But I don't understand why people keep trotting out this 'death penalty must be introduced' thing every time a little kid or police officer is killed. If you're going to have a death penalty then have one - for all murders (and - if I had my way - rapists, drug dealers and those convicted of treason too :twisted: ) and not just the ones that tug the heart strings in the media.
  3. The problem I can see is that a jury may well not convict if they feel the death penalty will be imposed.

    A couple of solutions;

    1 - A proper life sentence in a fookin horrid prison, so they get a fine kicking everyday.

    2 - Kill them before the trial.


    I feel the 2nd option would benefit the country and the tax payers more!!!
  4. What about people wrongly found guilty?

    I can't believe you are a cop...


  5. I agree, we have come a long way with forensics , DNA etc, so if its a solid case of guilty then fry the scum........or teach them to become "Target moving left to right" followed by an ADT first aid lesson, then finish off with bayonet training..... I love concurrent activity!!!
  6. "I can't believe you are a cop..."

    Well, believe pal, I am. For 15 years. And, at least in this country, MOST cops think exactly like I do, in regards to the death penalty.

    I will also agree with the others. The death penalty should be used for people where it is clear cut they did the crime. I can handle locking up for life the ones where it is "questionable."

    As I said, there are just some people walking this earth, which shouldn't be...Total wastes of oxygen.
  7. The Running Man comes to mind - Drill them - Drill them deep - of course only if Guilty :twisted:
  8. That's scary...

    So what are you saying? Only use the death penalty where you have a watertight case, a confession plus forensic evidence?

  9. That's what I was saying.
  10. totally agreed!, I had this argument last week on a forum and I am praying the goverment does something about it.
  11. How can you ever prove that beyond doubt?

    What about cases such as the Birmingham-Six. We had forensic proof (explosive residues found on their hands if I recall) plus confessions. Then it turns out they were innocent. There have been lots of cases like this...

    The British justice system is very good, but nothing is ever perfect. If you don't use the death penalty then at least you can go some way to rectifying mistakes.

  12. Beyond doubt? Hmm, video evidence and DNA.
  13. And as an after thought, if you can't ever prove beyond doubt then you shouldn't be sending people to prison in the first place.
  14. If somebodies guilt is "questionable" should that not result in a failure to convict?
    I thought that is what beyond reasonable doubt was all about.
    Nor is DNA absolutely conclusive in many cases