The Death Penalty for Child Killers

With the latest news of what appears to be another child abduction of the missing schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, I feel it is time for a change in the law.

Child killers should be subject to the death penalty, if you attack, abuse, torture or kill an innocent defenceless child you forfeit your right to life!

We are talking about people who kill children to gratify themselves sexually, including torture, rape and buggery. People who starve, punch, kick, burn with cigarettes, imprison, suffocate.............the list is endless.

Childhood should be a time of innocence; a child’s biggest fear should be of the dark cupboard at the end of the hall. But now parents live in constant fear of their children disappearing.
We are told that paedophiles are treatable and that it is their sexuality, in that case are homosexuals treatable? I think not! If Paedophilia is sexuality then they are not insane. And they should be tried as criminals and not sent to sex offenders wings were they have to attend a “discussion group” once a week and view and swap porn the rest of the time, they are then let out after being so called “rehabilitated” to offend again. What a waste of scant resources and an unacceptable risk to our children. So where do we go from here?

Active paedophiles are criminals, rapists at best, torturers and murderers at worst. With DNA profiling and forensic science as it is proof is 99.999999% certain. As I understand it the main reason for not using the death penalty is in case the conviction is wrong.



I watched a documentary a couple of months back called 'The hunt for Britain's paedophiles'.

It made me sick to my stomach - All you have to do, is put a paedophile in a room with the mother - job done!
I must object most strongly with the suggestion that they should suffer death by hanging.

What ever happened to being hung, drawn and quartered?  Having your bits displayed around the country might be a good example.

As a parent I pray that were are only discussing the theoretical and that the two girls are found safe.  I have a daughter the same age and I dread to think what the parents are going through at the moment.


I saw another programme on a bloke that had apparently murdered a schoolboy after sodomising him in the 60's (before my time). Spent many years after that being a paedophile.
This bloke then moved to the Solihull area and used to drink in the pub I worked in.
Of course, none of us had any idea of his past.

He is currently under investigation in connection with two local lads going missing a few years back.

The police got him when he gave a swab after being caught for drink driving. His DNA linked up with that taken from the schoolboy all those years ago and BINGO - there's your killer.

I can't believe that I used to serve this man his drinks and he seemed really pleasant. If I had known, I would have laced his beer with pipe cleaner (deadly stuff). :mad:
Personally, if I were so empowered....... I wouldn't hang them or jail them...........I'd dye them 'dayglo orange' and let them out on the street.........24 hrs after I'd announced on the national news that I'd changed the punishment for such offences from whatever it being released.........after being dyed 'dayglo orange'........and that the following sex offenders will be released tomorrow at 1200 hrs from here, here and there!........bring a whole new meaning to the expression 'you've just been tangoed'  wouldn't it?


yeah just like you're free from prosecution when you mame a burglar that's broken into your house.

look up 'British Justice' in the dictionary and it will read 'anyone who commits a crime is ok, the more heinous the better, anyone defending their home or their children - throw the book at them,.

UTTER UTTER CRAP - bring back capital punishment!!

phew - I shall now go for a lie down!
As the police are searching for yet another missing child I just thought I would bring this subject up again.

Posting your feelings on this web site may help vent your spleen it does very little good. May I suggest you try a snotogram to the Muppets in charge, available on; or better still lobby your local MP, it is their duty to reply, you can find him/her on depending on who your MP is you may be able to use the shortcut to e-mail him/her direct, if the option is not available send a letter too him/her at The House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Any of you more literate chaps want to post a snotogram that people could copy the easier it is and the more lightly people are to do it!!

Lets get these animals off our streets and arrange for them to see their place in hell sooner than they are expecting!!
Well, it is good to see that liberal views are alive and well.  Not!

I must be one of the few that is totally opposed to the death penalty.  Don't get me wrong, what these people, along with murderers of adults, do is utterly dispicable.  But I fail to understand how anyone thinks we have the right to take their lives.  And the underlying theme seems to be one of mob justice.  


why not? they have taken away a child's life, not by killing them but by ensuring that they suffer for the rest of their life!!

Why don't you have children, let a paedophile interfere with that child and then say that you're still against a death penalty!!!

Believe me, you would change your mind if it had happened to you or one of your own!!


I would agree with the death penalty if there weren't so many uncertainties in convictions in this country.  One day it could be you accidentally at the wrong end of the law.


If the police had enough evidence (and in one documentary on paedophiles, they certainly did), they should be given the death sentence. These poxy little two years and crappy community service sentences that they doll out are just NOT ENOUGH. A high % of sex offenders re-offend once they come out of jail.
Their crimes are so heinous, that they deserve to die.
Sh@gging 6 month old babies and cutting them so they can 'get in' - do you think that is acceptable to society?
Sorry if I've upset your delicate feelings about "the nasty little death penalty and that terrible mob justice" I don't care if they are hung or sentenced to life, as long as life means life, in a hard prison where they never again see daylight ever again. There has to come a point when someone is so evil that they relinquish their right to life!!

Why should we pay for them to lounge around in cushy prisons masturbating over past crimes while dreaming up more disgusting and evil crimes to commit after having fooled their “shrink” that they are “rehabilitated!!”

As I said in an earlier post
With DNA profiling and forensic science as it is, proof is 99.999999% certain.
Hang the bastards, lock them away for ever, either way suits me and my morals!!
I disagree.  No one has the right to decide that someone is so evil that they relinquish their right to life.  That makes us no worse than the paedophile killer.  Especially as it seems many of you will get some kick out of the fact that they are being executed.  
We could bring back the death penalty if someone had the balls but we can't because we are a member of the EU and a slave to their so-called morals :mad:

However, there is no reason why we can't 'deploy' all criminals in chain gangs.....  Make them clean the streets, mend roads, build parks etc etc.  Just make the f*ckers work (and work hard).  And 'life' should mean just that.....

Problem is there's too many weak-assed communists in this country who are hell-bent on defending the rights of criminals. :mad:
"But I fail to understand how anyone thinks we have the right to take their lives."

But they seem to think that they have the right to do it. To the pure innocent. Who will defend them? who will stand up for them? who will make them feel safe? to put these things in prison for 7 years, or worse a psychiatric hospital, is an insult to the pain and suffering these children suffer. For the rest of their lives. The horrors that they are subjected to stay with them forever, and quite often shape the people they become in later years. If they survive. They will spend these years in the knowledge that one day the monster who killed their purity will be out. And often it's people they know. These people give up their rights to humanity as soon as they make the decision to condemn a child to living hell for the rest of their life.

"No one has the right to decide that someone is so evil that they relinquish their right to life.  That makes us no worse than the paedophile killer.  Especially as it seems many of you will get some kick out of the fact that they are being executed. "

Putting down one of these monsters does not even put us in the same league as them. I clean my toilet of germs but it doesn't make me one. They need to be removed from society permanently. By killing them. I would not get a kick out of seeing them executed. It would not even register on my radar. Personally speaking I would quite happily do the job, go home, have my tea and not spare a moments thought about it. These monsters are barely human so deserve nothing from us. It was once said that a soldier is someone who fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. And we do. And children can't fight back. Nietschze said that he who fights monsters may become a monster himself (or words to that effect). well sacrifices sometimes have to be made to further worthy causes.
I disagree.  No one has the right to decide that someone is so evil that they relinquish their right to life.  That makes us no worse than the paedophile killer.  Especially as it seems many of you will get some kick out of the fact that they are being executed.  
A punishment needs to be proportionate to the crime, thats simple logic, do you at least agree to that?? If you torture then kill someone then a proportionate punishment would be what??.......Let me guess keep them in a centrally heated room with 3 square meals a day and a shrink and social worker to look after their human rights and the cost of £2000 a week!

That's just liberal bo11ocks gone mad! My thoughts on this are not irrational just fcuking logical! Wake up and see what a sh1tty world we live in and then come out of your pink padded cell and join the rest of, and I use the term lightly, "humanity!"

And who said anything about getting a kick out of an execution, its a simple matter of ensuring that a child killer never gets the oportunity to do it again!! As I said Death or Life(meaning life) I don't care.


I know of a child killer (my mate's a prison warden), whose name I cannot mention for legal reasons - who sexually abused, tortured and eventually killed his son. This man went to prison and had to be separated from the other convicts (they're known as nonces and are sectioned away from other inmates).
Eventually the other inmates managed to 'get hold' of this child killer, take a broom, put it somewhere up the bloke's anatomy repeatedly and this eventually killed him.

Now that's JUSTICE!!!


Someone kills someone and its called intolerable, someone else then drops to the same level as the first guy by killing him and we applaude it?  Double standards?

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