The death of the Football Fan.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by MrShanklysboots, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. I absolutely cannot fucking believe this.

    It is hard enough not being able to attend all the matches that I want to go to because tickets (unless you have a seasie) are all but impossible to get a hold of.

    A ticker on Sky News ( :roll: ) tells me the following - sorry no linkie yet.

    The English Premier league is considering playing Premier League matches in Australia, The Far east and America. The points garnered will count towards the competition at home.

    Now lets see. What sort of matches would they take to the world stage? Bolton v Fulham (with the greatest respect to those teams) or United V Arsenal.

    Why the fuck should I be penalised for supporting an EPL team? They have their own leagues - Its not my fault they are shite.

    My piss is absolutely boiling at the moment. If this is confirmed it shows that we fans are mere window dressing to the "EPL Experience". :x
  2. They will be kicking off on the moon if there's a few bob in it.Read the other day 'Match of the Day' is watched by ten times as many people in China than in UK.LFC v Mancs in Shanghai in 10 years time?
  3. Football's for faggots anyway. They could ban the game for all I care.
  4. Here you go Boiling Pi55 inducing news...

    It looks, from a quick glance at the story, that it will only be a few additional games that are to be staged overseas. IMHO (H for Humble) it is just a way for the wider proliferation of the game. The richer clubs playing to a wider audience in order to gain more lucrative business and TV deals, playing in unusual settings and charging overseas fans through the nose to view the games...therefore getting even richer.

    Be interesting to see if it gets off the ground.


    Edited *again* so as to not goad the distressed!
  5. I've heard this story on Radio 5 Live today. If true its a complete fecking disgrace. Yet another step on the road to football clubs becomings "brands" that are marketable worldwide, and yes, the death of the proper football fan back home.

    Unfortunately it is irreversible. Foreign/big business owners of the main brands - oo er, sorry, I mean clubs - money the prime objective. The answer is to support your local lower league team.

    In my case (and for my sins) that is Colchester United. Currently of the old Second Division, but shortly to be plying their trade in the old Third Division, now known as League One (what fecking bollokcs that is, too. Its the bloody third division!). It may not be the prettiest football in the world but there is the passion, the camaraderie, and the ability to take your kids along without remortgaging the house.

    Who wants to see a load of French/Spanish/Latin American prima donnas falling over and crying foul anyway?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    And you must be a bit thick if you have only just realised this ;)

    Why not do something more useful and less expensive with your time?

  7. Helpful Dimwit.

    I don't slag your sport of choice pal. Its a broad church. Just let me get on with being hacked off that MY sport of choice has been hijacked by the money men and they are rodding off into the distance with it.

    If you're a Rugby fan - stand by. They'll be finding ways of squeezing more filthy lucre out of that particular stone soon..............

    Oh if only..... I can't help it. I'm an addict. If I thought about it the pain far outweighs the pleasure of going to a match, particularly over a season. But its the smell of the crowd and the roar of the greasepaint. I was brought up to support my team, and I do. Its my Church I suppose - the blind faith thing...........
  8. I don't do religion either, quite happy for that to be banned also ;)

    Fortunately rugby players aren't as greedy as football players, and don't command as much money. To that end the teams etc don't have to raise as much revenue, ergo the tickets/clothing/etc don't cost as much, and they don't need to farm out the matches to make more cash.

    Football is slowly eating itself. Hopefully rugby will learn from this mistake.
  9. go watch your pub team = much cheaper

    better that than watching overpaid faggots. at least your local team CARES whether it wins or loses!!

    IF enough of you stopped going, they would be forced to lower prices.

    i stopped watching my team when the tickets got to £17.

    £17/pints (£2 at time ) = 8.5 pints

    playing time = 90 mins plus 15 for half time = 105 minn

    105/8.5 =1 pint every 12 mins. far better than watching my local set of fan
    **ny boys!!
  10. If the team you usually go and watch, as opposed to the team you support from afar, go to play only one game against another EPL team abroad all the supporters should boycott them. It seems to me , as a non-sports fan, that real fans are being taken for a ride by all the top clubs and in fact their support is not valued as much as lucrative tV deals and the sale of the myriad strips the teams bring out every season.
  11. Agree with the above post. Fans will vote with their feet.
  12. I beg to differ, as you say they just can’t command the same revenue, if there was no greed in rugby why did the sport not stay amateur?

    Was it something to do with the top players migrating to league 8O
  13. Hopefully rugby will learn from this mistake.

    So why did they all suddenly become in one league Tigers and fecking sharks, and league games in France etc. Rugby both codes arent learning, do you think in a few years that Rugby isnt going to think why dont we get some of that gravy.
  14. But wouldn't it be interesting if the clubs who are deemed to be playing at home could pick the choice of country for the match.

    (No disrespect to any supporter blah blah) IE Sunderland playing Chelsea in Iraq or Watford playing Arsenal in Alaska.

    Any other venues?

  15. Tottenham playing on the Gaza Strip?.......maybe not!!!