The death of tea and toast - Pay As You Dine

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Seedubs, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. As a regular skiver from the office (well its good to talk) and a regular tea and toast attendee I am slightly miffed at the introduction of PAYD.

    Well, it was introduced into the mess here today. Normal procedure for Tea and Toast was a honesty sheet signed daily, which normally cost around 12p per day.

    Today we are on a chit system, so for a coffee and some toast it comes to..........70p, I wonder how long this 'tradition/institution' is going to last............????

    How are other messes managing this, or is it the same army wide?
  2. I feel for you Seedubs, I am in the same mess here (pun intended). This is just a money making scheme for the contractor. Tea & Toast or mid morning break as they have re-titled it to include Sausage or Bacon sandwiches. If want a fried egg in your sandwich or on a slice of toast it will cost you 20p, even though the same kitchen supplies a fried egg at breakfast for 10p. There is an increase straight out the Gordon Brown cookbook. :x
  3. Alls I can say is that when I was in England I feckin enjoyed this thing you call tea and toast. I wish we had it over here in our Messes. Civvies run our messes and ya can't get anything out of them. Bastards.
  4. Its another of the mexican bumw@king from HM Govt to cost cut and the lads suffer and shaft everyone some more, as the european bread mountain doesnt need reducing.... We can renew trident missiles, but fcuk the lads morale
  5. This is serious. The very essence of how the British Army carries out its business is at peril here!
  6. I was always a regular visitor for the T&T brigade. In our Mess, everybody had it on their mess bill regardless whether they went to the mess or not.

    However, they were thinking about PAYD sceme as I was leaving, not sure on the outcome. Members who never went due to other commitments were always moaning they were having to pay for something they never got.

  7. Lay down your arms (or pencils/keyboards) and make plackards - refuse to work until tea n toast is reinstated!
  8. Why by a toaster and a car lighter adapter and make it in your car outside the Mess and undercut the civie contracter fcukers and becoming a star with your muckers.....

    The extras have got to be worth it!
  9. Keep an egg in your napkin (assuming they haven't been done away with too) from breakfast, side it into the sandwich at elevenses and then turn regimentally to the mess manager's office and raise two fingers - "So there!"
  11. i have always paid for tea and toast on my mess bill but never attended, so those that are now moaning about paying for what they eat are proberly those same people that filled their faces daily on the funds from those that didnt attend. As a senior caterer a few facts to mull over

    1. The pultry cost you paid for tea and toast under the DMR system did not cover the cost of what you actualy ate, this would have been off set at some point by the credit in the mess ration account.

    2. Under pay as you dine you are now actually paying for what you eat.

    3. The contractor has to make profit so as to pay for staff, no different from outside the wire.

    the bottom line is you have had it good for a long time, unfortunatly the good times are over and you now have to pay for what you eat.
  12. Well I agree with you on the point that we have had it good for a long time and now times have changed.

    As I already stated we run a honesty sheet, so no I am not eating another’s rations as it were.

    I am not complaining about the cost, I am sure I can scrape to 70p on my meagre wage.

    The post was more along the lines of the erosion of what is service life, the mess as a whole, how long before the privilege that we gain through rank becomes meaningless?

    Other than money what other incentives (not that money isn’t a big one) does rank bring, surely part of the prestige of rank is being a member of the most exclusive club in the world, as we are continuely told??
  13. I wouldn't go as far to say its the most exclusive club in the world Seedubs, but I do see (and agree) where you're coming from.

    Still, it could be worse I suppose. Your CO could be closing the Senior's Mess this weekend coming and making all the SNCO's eat in the Junior Rates Galley to conserve energy despite my unit being 24/7 manned.

    Oh hang on, he is....
  15. The danger is that the powers that be (i.e. OC Purse Strings) look on these things as privileges, not rights. As most OC Purse Strings are the type of person to bang on about their so called "equivalent" rank but are in fact the fat wheezy boys on the sideline with matron, they are lining up to do for these privileges with zeal!