The death of SEME?

Discussion in 'REME' started by spaz, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. A little bird has just told me that on or around the 1st of July this year that SEME will become 10 Training Regiment.

    We may not be moving anytime soon but things are certainly changing, other news from the school includes the rumour that only 5 more HND tiffy courses are to be loaded.

    Any change at Arborfield? I believe tiffy Vehicles, Weapons and Land Systems are merging so it must have some knock on effect over there.
  2. Could it be a cunning plan to reduce the cost of DTR? less courses, fewer schoolies, lower charge from Metrix?
  3. Well Phase 2 training will be getting cut soon too, sending half trained tradesmen through the sausage factory to learn the skills on the shopfloor.

    It might work if we were not already so busy and undermanned. The experienced tradesmen are not always able to devote enough time to mentoring the class 3's that they deserve. This just results in some of them quickly finding themselves out of their depth through no fault of their own.
  4. Is SEME still at Martinique and Savannah Barracks in Bordon, I remember when I was a kid flogging newspapers in the cookhouse. and around the accomodation blocks on a Sunday morning.
  5. Prince Philip Barracks, Bordon
  6. Yep, SEAE will become 11 Bn? Training Regt? or whatever at the same time.

    Personally I think its a shocking call. When you talk to civilian bodies of learning or buisness' they are left in no doubt as to what we do when we say we are instructor's at SEAE or SEME. They'll have no idea when we change name and guys in the Army will always think of it as the trade schools anyway.

    Change for change sake. I wish I was a signwriter
  7. Now I've been out for a while but why would they merge weapons, vehicles, and Land systems into one Tiffy qual, I am assuming Land systems are the electronic trades, If that is the case why not merge all tiffy trades into the one general artificer qualification.

    Got to agree with Sparky at least SEAE and SEME do what they say on the tin
  8. The land side of things are losing the academic qualifications in favour of a shorter management course.
  9. so what happens when "we" need subject matter experts, are they going to wheel out what was a class 1 ECE or the like, to do that job.
  10. Shhhh! Don't mention things like that. Just nod and say "Yes Sir, thats a jolly good idea".
  11. Why 10 anyway i would have thought seme and seae be 8 and 9 bn ? seen as we only have 1 to 7 already
  12. bordon was once 6 trg Regt back in ww11
  13. Under current planning SEME Regt and SEAE Regt will be renamed as 10 and 11 Trg Bn REME, before the Corp Weekend. The titles of schools will stay as SEME and SEAE until the move to St Athan, when they will be absorbed into the new Defence Technical Training College. Under DTR planning there will be a single REME House that will do a similar job as SEME Regt and SEAE Regt currently do. The REME House will be 10 Trg Bn REME and will sit alongside the Royal Signals House (11 Sigs Regt). This is not a done deal yet.

    Why 10 Bn? This leaves the scope to rename the Force Sp Bns to 8 and 9 Bns and there is historical precedence as 10 Trg Bn REME used to exist many moons ago.
  14. Wheel, re-invention.....sound familiar?

    There are too many people getting paid too much money to sit on their backside dreaming up shite ideas on the "way forward". Some soldiers are living in diabolical standards of accommodation in both SEAE and SEME, money would be better thrown at this rather than paying for pointless name changes, signage....etc etc.

    Still, I suppose it makes some people feel important about themselves.
  15. Iremember doing this as well. We used to filch them from outside the shop in liphook and sell 10p a throw around the spider blocks.