The death of Gypsy Culture...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. After hearing about it over the last couple of weeks I decided to give "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" on C4 a go.
    Last night's episode was concerned with the role of males in the travelling world,what they do as regards wedding prep (fcuk all) and their attitudes towards women.

    Anyway one of the more famous Gypsies, Pat Doherty -who was also in Danny Dyer's programme about Hard Blokes, was going on about how the travellers always sort things out one to one, its always a fair fight and the combatants shake hands at the end and thats it all done and dusted.
    There then followed the build-up to a scrap in some travellers' site, in Kent I think, between two boys who were going to sort out a family dispute.
    As the "ref" was getting things arranged and a noisy woman was being ejected from the arena one of the young fellahs walked up and smacked the other completely out of the blue. It was a cracker right enough and sent his opponent sprawling but it went against everything we'd just heard.

    Thats it, I thought to myself, its the thin end of the wedge. If this is how the young Gypsy is treating centuries of tradition then its on the road out. How can the culture survive such blatant disregard for all it holds dear?

    I give the whole scene a couple of years. A bit like Happy Hardcore rave music.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The fuckwits on this program have killed Gypsy Culture
    Maninly because they aren't Gypsies but Irish Tavellers = Tinkers
    A little bird was telling me last week the Scouse bird (dress maker) is being investigated for Tax Evasion as is a number of her customers
    Pat D does well out of a council run site 2 new Audi's a year

    The milling wasn't up to much tho'
  3. The amount of blurred-out faces made me laugh.

    Are they all wanted for something or other??
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    "Ahm Proud to be a Gypsy"...........

    "Fuck sake don't show me face I don't want any cunt knowing I am one though"
  5. i did wonder about that scouse dress maker, along with the cake decorator from a couple of weeks ago. I'm betting no self-respecting gypo has a credit card and it's all cash in hand. Those wedding frocks run to around £10k plus and thats a lot of wedge to working in cash. AFAIK, £12k is the max amount for cash handling in the UK anyway.

    naafi bar lads. an awful lot of those traveller chicks would get it. and the cake maker
  6. What Gypos and tax evasion-who would ever believe it
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well if they want to live in their culture then they can go back to wherever they came from. I dont see why we should fund travellers sites at any time of economic cycle let5 alone during a recession. If they have the cash they can buy a house and paint wheels on the side!
  8. I for one am flabbergasted

    The fucking revenue would burn down my house kill all my children and spit on our graves chasing 265 quid.....Surely gypos lead a transparent and blameless tax paying existence or the revenue would have their guts for garters
  9. Look this is the NAAFI bar & I believe that we are all skirting around the real issue here...

    How come all the birds have got massive hooters?!!! I'm all for getting a vest and going grabbing now!!!
  10. They explained on the program that it was because it would affect their business if their customers knew they were gypsies. Are their customers deaf, blind and stupid? If someone with a van, a vest and a ropey haircut offers to Tarmac your drive then I think you can safely assume that their house has got wheels.
  11. I'm with you there! They're not bad looking, massive chebs, subservient, and don't mind if you knock them around a bit when they gob off. What's not to like? The all look like dirrrrrty slags, and I bet they love the cock.
  12. Well put's baps central on those pikey sites..........and they do what they're told for feck sake.

    And there's us thinking they're mad.

    The girls dancing at the weddings in previous episodes.........yes please.
  13. In the late 1980's at Wakefield power station a pikey site was in full swing around the jolly sailor pub.Due to all the thievery going on some cunt in their wisdom decided to put abloution blocks in for them.Which they promptly stripped of all saleable materials and proceeded to gut the pub in the same fashion.The milling was shite there too. :)
  14. The poor lass who had to give up everything to get married because she was a spinster at 22! Parents live in a house FFS!
  15. Hitler had the right "community plan" for gypo's.