The death of a REME legend

I thought I'd post this in here rather than in REME. Hopefully more knew him or at least of him.

Belton 'Brian' Albert Hammond or 'Tiny' to his friends, who served just about everywhere in (British Army) aviation 1968-1988, sadly passed away May 16th 2009. He had been living and working in the US for Boeing in their Quality Assurance Organisation.

Tiny, who was so called for obvious reasons as he was HUGE, was somebody you worked for out of sheer respect and and also out of fear as if crossed, you didn't want to be on the receiving end of his wrath. His own particular brand of wrath usually involved hitting somebody.

I remember serving him in the regimental bar in Hildesheim. He'd come straight from a mess meeting and needed a top up before going down town to beat up a few Erics. Rumour has it that again at Hildesheim, 5 Heavy's RSM who had the annoying habit of hiding in the bushes and jumping out on unsuspecting Orderly Sergeants, once (and it was just the once), made the big mistake of jumping out on Tiny. :lol:

So that's another one gone to that great crew room in the sky but if God ever needs a good crew chief or needs somebody duffing up, Tiny's the man for the job.

RIP big man.

His obituary

Book of Condolence
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