The Death of 7

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jackass, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Well, after a fantastic week with even more stupid ideas on how to realy annoy the lads. I've seen and heard it all now, no wonder people are getting out. What ever happened to just doing your job, well we all have someone elses job to do, or is the system letting us all down. This is my second tour at 7 since it left the fantastic Krefeld, i'm sad to say, i think it has died its death!!!!!!!!!!
    New job scope Micro manage the Seniors and let the lads laugh at them, enforce fun if you box your in. If you do your job your weak. If your go that bit extra for the lads, you come in the bottom third. SOINC (A) what is going on?
  2. Jackass....WTF are you going on about...Nothing in your post makes much sense at all.

    You sound really frustrated at present but nothing you say gives anyone any reason to assist you with your problems......That said I can sense the good in you,

    Be free my child :D
  3. Seven of Nine is dead?

  4. Presumably you have just had your CR that states you are in the bottom third then...??
    Presumably you are a Senior NCO as their CRs were due at the end of last year...??

    Have you had a quick look at yourself..?? I think that's were I'd start if I were you. Just a bit of advice, not a dig. Take it or leave it.
  5. WOT ever next , dick jobs in the Corps. Goes with the territory and its good for ya.

    Try reading National Service: The Best Years of Their Lives by John Peel

    Very good book all-round but does mention the fact that even then 1950 - 1960 the Corps was hated by all for being more bull shittier and dickier then even the Guards . Oh how thing don't seem to change.

    Cirto Cito Swift and Jiffed.
  6. nooooooooooooooooooo!! please say it isnt so!
  7. Yup, apparently the growth above her left eye became malignant and entered her cranial cavity.....Still, Nice cans!!!
  8. Not that one - this one!!! >

    nooooooooooooooooooo!! my eyes my eyes!!!
  9. Fcukin hell jackass, grow a set!

    Everywhere is the same, not just at 7.

    Either deal with it or try and do something to make things better.

    As to CR's, I only got mine this week as well, so again chill out they will still get to MCM Div on time, or failing that lets hope they loose yours so you can cry 'career foul' :wink:
  10. Trust me, this really isn't the case. While the glorious Corps certainly has its moments, the noble Household Division is on a whole other level...

  11. If everyone knows how bad the Corps is then how come they never bloody change it when they get into a position too??? As for death of 7, Having survived a tour there by the skin of my teeth i can sympothise, Luckily my current one is quality or that would of been it for me.
    Chin up Jackass there is always the next posting.
  12. What the ...??! Ah, Phew. For a minute there i thought Snow White had gone mad.

    Taxi for one.
  13. I spent 2 tours there over the 3 locations.

    Bruggen was definetaly the worst, but I still enjoyed it.

    Everybody whinges, but really, why, at SNCO level and above whinge on a website when you should be trying to better the life of your troops.

    FFS, I know I made a difference for the better when I was there, why can't others, or are they too spineless to speak out in work? :?
  14. There was a lot of good SNCO's at 7 whilst i was there. 2003-06 but there was such a horrible atmoshere about the place and there was a lot of back stabbing and shitting on people that they were scared to stick their necks out through fear of having head chopped off. I mean what kind of a place turns round and tells its JNCO's that to improve their profile for promotion they have to AGAI more people that is NO DUFF by the way!!!
  15. I was there during that period but, dependant on which Sqn you were in, it differed, because of the CoC in that particular Sqn.

    It obviously shouldn't, but different people have different ways of doing things, (Not always correctly BTW).

    As I said, jackass should speak to his CoC if he is that concerned, but he would rather whinge on here :roll: