The Death List 2008

The Death List 2008

So who else is going to "Check Out" this year. How do you think theyll go?

1. Al Gore - Under mysterious and questionable circumstaces
2. Cherie Blair - RTA
3. Amy Winehouse - Drug Induced Coma
4. Britney Spears - Suicide
5. Fidel Castro - Old Cnut
6. Robert Mugabe - Suicide Bomber
7. Eizabeth Taylor - Severe Stroke

Victoria Beckham - over eating
Pete Doherty - the list is endless
Elvis - finally of old age
Tony Blair - tunnel in Paris
Heather Mills - mysterious accident whilst legless
FrankCastle said:
Brown: Killed by AQ after Plod work to rule and withdraw all armed protection from so-called VIP's...

Hey, a man can dream! :twisted:
Great rumour to start and they'll be cuing up to either press the trigger, or push that button!

Dreams is where good ideas begin!

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