The DDR Still Exists!! Should we re-instigate Active Edge?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by marco_poloroid, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. I have decided to post this here because if anyone knows this, you Green Slime Types will have the answer! We all know the reunification of East and West Germany took place in 1989. Due to a very un-German oversight however, a small part of the DDR does still exist. In their excitement, they forget to mention this place in the reunification treaty, and as a result, the DDR, my Arrse friends, is alive and well.

    As a result, ladies and gennelmen, I suggest you check your 58 Patt webbing and Large Packs, as you can expect the sirens about 3 am Mon morning.....

    Answers on a postcard.......! :D
  2. Mines all packed but I still cant get my 2nd pair of DMS in! And I've lost my spider and bayonet frog (green plastic)
  3. Don't forget you can but yer bayonet sheath on the left(? memory vague) ammo puch on your 58 pattern so all is not lost......
  4. don't forget shirts, KF (hairy) and SLR Cleaning kit.... But have you got the answer yet?
  5. Probably a small cave in the HARTZ
  6. maybe, but not the one i was thinking of.......
  7. some part of Cuba if I remember rightly
  8. One of the missile sites?
  9. Cayo Blanco de Sur. I claim "Smart Alec" of the evening award. Otherwise known as Cayo Ernesto Thaelmann.
  10. Got my Urlaub booked in the workers paradise already comrade....
  11. No way I'm going back. They stopped FRIS.
  13. A slip of the key. And stop calling me Shirley.
  14. I surely will not,Shirely

  15. Don't forget, NBC kit, JHW and Poncho c/w bungess in the bum roll. Mess tins cleaned with wire wool! Please do not forget the blistered thumb caused by excessive sewing of elastic onto the aforementioned 58 Pattern webbing. I still have a set, customised, 2 ammo pouches, 7 waterbottle pouches and roll-pin belt, fits like a glove.