The day the rot set in

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. First this and then the Berlin Wall coming down....
  2. Which is all well and good if the parents have a combined IQ that is more than 100.

    Those pair of whores should be found, tied up with razor wire then shot into the Clyde strapped to a festering cows carcus.
  3. You may laugh but my generation was the first to never be hit at school, and we were the first generation that spawned the chav in the early to mid nineties. :D

    Although I never went for the old tracksuit burberry cap and gold chains look myself, ffs it looked bad and attracted ridicule back then, and it's still the height of chav fasion more than a decade later. :roll:

  4. I'm not laughing. I'm planning on a way to remove everyone who was spawned in your era and after from the gene pool.

    Dont take it personally mate. I'm doing it for the good of the nation ;)
  5. I would happily colaberate, and round up and lead my fellow mid-twenty year olds into the gas chamber, as long as you let me keep some of the melted down gold from fillings and piercings.

  6. ...which in total will be worth all of £1.57p. I'm sure Elizebeth Duke would love to buy it all back.
  7. I would say Mrs Campbel has alot to answer for.

    Can she still be found?

  8. For the Greater Good

    Flashy, be honest, you just want to torture chavs don't you?

  9. Yep. Why not turn a hobby into a job, eh?
  10. You say it like it's a bad thing!
  11. There was a flip side to this though

    I had a right cnut of a form tutor called Mr Johnson (doesn't matter about his name cause he's dead) that thoroughly enjoyed caning male pupils for the smallest of reasons.

    Now, in those days I had never heard of peadophilia BDSM and was the recipient of many a good thwacking.

    Whilst I enjoyed the ones on the bum and sometimes had a little sex wee afterwards, the ones on the hands hurt like fcuk. Hardly fair just for letting the dog eat my homework for 7 weeks in a row.

    Like I said, doesn't matter know as he's dead. Warfarin overdose in 89 apparently. Just after I was made QM's dog and got access to the poisons store.
  12. A rather simplistic viewpoint from a member of the "mature" generation:

    At school I rather stupidly got into a full on hair pulling, kex showing, scratching and slapping match in the playground one day. Having been soundly trounced by my opponent we were then pulled apart by one of the teachers and marched off by the ear to face the wrath of the Headmistress.

    Miss Salt (long dead now) was a greyed haired old lady with a penchant for batswing spectacles, plaid skirts and cardigans.

    She proceeded to lay into both of us with her cane. Having been given a sound thrashing we were sent home at the end of the day with a note for our parents. Mother proceeded to read said note and "skelped" me yet again. On return home from work Father too was "upset" to say the least and my backside met the palm of his hand.

    What is the point of all this drivel I hear you ask? Simple. An early lesson taught me not to get into situations which were stupid, to moderate my behaviour and play by the rules, to stay out of trouble and get on with my schooling.

    Said lesson has stayed with me throughout life. Point made?
  13. My previous post joking aside, the above is absolutely spot on
  14. It is my right, as one of the previously thrashed, to thrash those younger and more stupid than I.

    End of :x