The Day the Music Died

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Who else apart from the author and Subsonic remembers the fateful day back in 1974 when all Wednesday night disco's were banned in the NAAFI due to the unfortunate and untimely death of a young girl outside the Medical Centre in Ashford.

    On that same fateful day, Highlander Spy and a Para transferee had just dropped off their girlfriends in Pluckley and were returning to Templer Barracks when they were stopped by the law - Its a pity that the Morris 1000 car HS borrowed from a Rag and Oil clerk had no Tax, Insurance, MOT or number plates but that's life :cry:

    That same night, an old and bold Corporal (would he ever make it to Sgt) was caught with the young daughter of an Australian Exchange Officer after she had attempted suicide, the wife of a senior officer, in Northern Ireland at the time, was caught in Block 6 with a young JNCO and the Scots Guards Drill Sergeant was caught in a compromising position with a female trainee in a Mini on the drill square car park.

    Oh ! and a former theology student had forgotten to give the old and bold Cpl his key to his bunk so the Cpl was locked out ! When the Orderly Sgt eventually broke into his bunk, at around 0300 hours, he was surprised to find more petrol in Jerricans than the nearest POL Point.

    Why they banned the disco, I have no idea :( Wasn't Don Maclean's American Pie still popular then ?
  2. Well before my time.

    However, please call Ashford Police as I am sure they and the unfortunate woman's family will be most interested in your `claims. Perhaps the Daily Mail as well ?

    Bringing up stories like this will only get the conspiracy theorists delving into other events such as:

    1. Underground Bunkers for the UFO flights - Subsonic knows more about this than most !

    2. Why were there 100 African Grey Parrots kept in `secure` cages in the FAWG area and accesible by only those with Yellow Band Clearance ?

    PS - Dennis Waterman is looking for a new series to write the theme song to !
  3. Highlander Spy, firstly it was spring 1975. Secondly, Discos were on Thursday. Thirdly, the 17 year old girl was an epileptic and had been a dalliance of said Para transferree, and when given the push she sat in the bar and took all her tablets and drank vodka until she passed out the corridor by the phone box (I know because I put her in the recovery position!). She could not be brought round and an ambulance was called. She passed away in hospital later. Rebel With A Cause was there too, but oblivious to all that was happening because his squeeze Randy Mandy of Manor Way was entertaining him in the snooker room.

    Said Para was the only military person called to give evidence at the inquest (not into RWAC's dalliance but the poor girl's demise). I seem to recall that the Discos were stopped until just before Squad 57 left to carry on causing mayhem around the world.

    As regards the other incidents, I don't think they were all on the same night, but they occurred around the same time.

    Those were the days, eh?
  4. well... what a busy night. don't let the truth get in the way of a good story, eh Highlander? ;)

    if we're compressing the events of a period into "one night"... i'll never forget the night i was in edinburgh and vitez simultaneously. wow, what a festival / night shift that was :D
  5. Thanks MV you have just confirmed my suspicion. My memory was a bit wayward and I apologise for that. The said Para (DH) and myself were otherwise engaged that evening, and you are right about the girl (NS) being epileptic but I remember her as being 16. If you recall, it was her condition that so endeared her to the Para and if you remember further the WRAC in Black dress, black tights and black boots, having to tell a little white lie to the girls mother about where she stayed one night it all comes flooding back.

    It was the same night with the old and bold Cpl because I borrowed 20 litres of petrol from one of his jerricans to fill up the car.

    I believe we were denied the privilege of having the Band of the Grenadier Guards at our Pass Out Parade and ended up with the Corps of Drums of the Junior Leaders Battalion Parachute Regiment. I also remember the lisping officer who took our squad on that Passing Out Parade going a little off his line on more than one occasion, particularly as DH forgot to tell him where he was supposed to be (deliberately).

    BTW is that you standing on the right hand side of the squad photo ?
  6. I was trained at Ashford and have no recollection of where the med centre was, or that there even was one!
  7. So what was the purpose of the building with the brick covered walkway just before the Depot building and where did you report sick :!:

  8. I never went sick! (times have changed) I vaguely rememeber a covered walkway around the back of Trg Coy. My memory isn't what it was though.
  9. Dont fall for that old trick. ...... How could he tell you the "color" of the boathouse door, if he never needed to sign for a boat?

    BTW HS, were you there that night in 1948 when Squad LVI turned the new US instructor's Ford Popular upside down on the square, whilst he was in the back seat with the bird with the beehive from behind the NAAFI counter? I heard in the Mess, there was a bit of s stir in the WRAC Nissen hut later on .[​IMG]

    That's the Parade Square TMA :wink:
  10. it was on top of the secret underground bunker, you wally.

    IIRC - stand on the parade square, look to right of training wing. near end(?) of DISS, to left of block 6.

    covered walkway round the back of training wing was just for "smoke if you've got 'em" time...

  11. That would be your fantasy bird Myra Hindley then AA - or her mother Rilda, the Manageress (also your fantasy I believe) of the secret shagging establishment with the conveniently placed snooker table !
  12. I cannot answer that question on the grounds that some fecker might visit Templer and single me out; even though I am five stone heavier and don't wear big hats anymore. :roll:
  13. Ford Popular didn't exist in 1948 unless it was a touch of "Back into the Future"! Why do I not remember all of this; or was I too busy up in London in my spare time!
  14. Think you'll find the illustrated model is an Austin not a Ford - It has such a distinctive shape :idea:

    After Land Rover's, Austin Champ's and Bedford RLs, the Morris Traveller was the first car I drove but the gearstick (it wasn't a column change) had the wonderful habit of coming off in your hand just as you were changing down to hit a roundabout. Come to think of it, the Vauxhall Chevette had the same fault in the late 70s. Can anyone remember how to double de-clutch still :roll:
  15. The illustrated car is a Morris Minor, don't know if it the souped-up GT version, with the double twin choke Webbers, skimmed head, double valve springs and straight cut gears. I was refering to Adastra's comment about Ford Populars in 1948, as someone who was about in 1948 I can speak with some authority!!