The day I lost a child on the Tube

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BoomShackerLacker, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Genius little story on the days you could lose children on the underground and you weren't sued or sacked:

    "Back at school I get a phone call from the station manager there saying to me "I've got four of your girls here… what do you want me to do with them?" So I send a teacher out in a taxi to bring them back. There was no harm done. But the next day I get those 24 kids together and I ask them: "How many of you have been on the London Underground before?" Out of 24 Hackney born and bred kids, only eight had ever previously been on the tube."

    The day I lost a child on the Tube | Teacher Network Blog | Guardian Professional
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  3. My sister was stood outside a shop in Guildford when the shop keeper came out with a young girl in tow and asked her is the child was hers. My sister said no but could see that the child was a bit distressed (she was about 5-6). She asked her where she had last seen Mummy and the girl mentioned a shop which was quite some way away. Sis and her husband took the little girl back to shop and arrived there to see a very upset Mum and a PCNO stood outside the shop. Mum was ever so grateful until the little girl said "Mummy, this woman tried to take me away". PCSO then detained my sister until a police officer could be summoned then they all went back to the shop that the little girl had originally been in for the shop keeper to confirm what had happened!
  4. Ach, good point. Can you or whoever cut and paste? Int cell?
  5. I cannot.However a Mod may be along soon and place it, with great care and tenderness, into the arrsehole, where to be totally honest it actually belongs.
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  6. You passive aggressive little bitch. I found it interesting.
  7. Only interesting to those trawling the underground looking for lost school children.
  8. Isn't it amazing that everyone believed the kid's word against that of your sister, despite the circumstances- ie of the 'abductors' returning to, instead of fleeing from, the scene of the 'crime'?
  9. Bit harsh mate, long day? Although I'm sure there's a thread knocking about along similar 'Would you help a lost child?' lines.
  10. Chain them together then they won't get lost, how difficult is it?
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  11. Pointless contribution. Article is fine. Stop spamming.
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  12. You started it.
  13. What we really, really need is a section called "stuff people might like to discuss that doesn't fit anywhere else".
  14. Have I missed something? This is in the News, Gossip and chat - the intelligence cell, seems appropriate to me.
  15. Isn't everyone?