The Darkside, its shite (and dark)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Trashcan_Man, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. What was the average time served for the lightside guys and girls who got pre-selected for WO2.

    I only ask because as a darksider it would appear that 18-19 years is now the norm. Ooh and
    it helps if you're ex-signals. Merit based promotion - my arrse.

    If many WO2 jobs within the Corps can be done by any competent OPMI manager why are the
    darkside getting a yearly shafting on the WO2 board with the obvious knock-on down the ranks.

    Bitter? you're f**king right.

    Who exactly signed up to bringing all the EWOPs over to us and screwing our career progression.
    Tell me and I'll kick his nose off.

    Get the supervisor knobends out of the management positions and give us an OPMI(L) RSM to
    actually look after the blokes.

    rant over
  2. A certain Col within the DI(SI) environment was responsible ( or contributed to) the policy that EWOPs 'go green' Not a popular decision among both Rsigs and INT Cops at the time but the structure within the signals was not condusive to a full career path for the ewop ( remember INT Corps / Rsigs trial of entering both these types into the Supvr R rosta ? to give them a 'structured career path' upto W01 .)
  3. Anything to do with the way Part 1 s and Part 2s arewritten in the Dark and Purple world ??

    I would suspect if you are being marked by a Crab 1st RO, you are in for a tough time. ( you'd be lucky to be a CPL in Crab after 18 years)
  4. without wishing to sound like a window-licker, what is the Darkside, what is the Lightside and what the feck is the Purpleside?
  5. Slime speak for do you want red sauce or brown sauce on your egg banjo and shove the liberated yankee gape kool aid up yer bum.
  6. always been the same as far as i can see - and i always thought it was because darksiders were holed up in their bunkers in digby, lisburn etc etc and never got the chance to "shine" - i dunno - what i do know is you lot always had a shite deal in terms of promotion, but always had a good deal in terms of stress - lets face it, the biggest hardship you lot had was having to serve with the signals
  7. MInd you , thinking about it, you all deserve to be promoted if you serve in the arrsehole of the world that is RAF Brawdy. I take it you didnt come off the board then Trashcan Man?
  8. i'm so glad you're on our side mate. razor-sharp analytical skills there ;)
  9. In a few words: shite CR-writing. When the trades were separate, the damning-with-faint praise R Signals style of CR writing if you weren't a rock-hard blue lanyard type was understood by the Board and promotion came sensibly. Now the separate trades have gone - and I stress I'm not sighted on whether or not the Boards as constituted take a view on points of origin of candidates - I suspect that the chaps in MI posts simply get better-written CRs and op inserts.

    It might also be that the ex EW Ops come across as a bit more shiny, thanks to the bull-crazed R Signals upbringing?

    From conversations towards the end of my time - and I left as a Ling(SI), having been, successively, an S Tg, an old-school Op EW and an EW Op before voluntarily transferring to the One True Corps in '89, the rationale for moving the EW Ops across was sound for the business, sound for the EW Ops (i.e. it gave them a career) and not visibly bad for the Ling(SI) trade.
  10. No longer the case. They are averaging around 8 years to Sgt in the V trade at the moment.
  11. You would need to get rid of the Traffic Officers (Radio) before you can start on the Radio Supervisors. It starts off with one Traffic Officer, before you know it you've got twenty Radio Supervisors, all of which fill posts with fancy job descriptions, but don't actually have a job to do.

    And as if there weren't enough of the knobbers about, there will be another twenty-odd being ejaculated from the knobhead factory later this year. Oddly enough, the Radio Supervisor course starts in the spring of each year, it always reminds me of cuckoos for some reason.
  12. Well, Trashcan man, we are all one trade now, so get out of your little hidey hole in Digby/Brawdy and get yourself into one of the MI Bns. You may find that if you are any good, you may progress. I have a couple of 'Darksiders' in my Coy and they love it here and are doing well.
  13. No seriously - what is it?
  14. So you're implying that 'thoroughbred Int Corps' aren't up to the standard of ex EWOps ? Get over it
    or get better at your job.

    Fair point about the Supvr R trade tho' I seem to remember that they were the only people who could be an OpsWO,
    until deployments of course.
  15. Darkside - he who lives within the (literally) darkside of the force. ie no windows and sometimes no doors!

    Lightside - The rest of us who get to see the grass grow and hear birdsong as we wake, again thanking God for another beautiful damn day in the Corps!

    Purpleside - ? Some sort of joint services crap?

    Although all the dark and light side ceased to 'officially' exist with the amalgamation of the trades including and post Squad 164. Anyone can go and do what they want - well maybe not what they want but you see what I mean.