The Dark Side is strong in you

Beat him with "The Earth". He gets all complimentary after about 10 minutes. Going out for a beer with him tonight in fact.

(to be fair, he did include it in his last ditch "is it one of the following'" effort).


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DV did not get cheesy smell.

I win


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Too easy - DV did not guess a model. He thought it was a pet dog, cat, horse etc

Luke Shywalker eat your heart out.
24 to get sun glasses. Up to 23 I thought I had him on the run, then, woosh, pulls it out of no-where.
Vader Q: Is it heavier than a pound of butter?

Er, that'll be, is it heavier than 1 lb then?

Or is a pound of feathers lighter than a pound of butter in the US?

He guessed well with sword, then tried collander (???) then got stuck on bomb and refused to try anything else.
26 questions to get snake, not bad :roll:
haha - that's really good! He didn't guess "book" with me first but then easily got "pencil"...

First good thing I've seen from Burger King :lol:

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