The Dark Lord talks of his Arrse lynching

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sarnian, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Now on Five Live -

    Sir Mike answers (throuugh interviewer) accusations that serving soldiers on "some online forums" are less than happy that he only spoke out after leaving....

    Also now - a juicy question on the Paras. Target to your front... opinions, fire for effect... standbyyyyy...GO!
  2. Can't get to a radio - what's he saying?
  3. It's nearly done - when he's finished, I'll find a 'listen again' link and post.

    He handled the questions pretty well - doesn't come across like a slimy politician - that he DID say some of the things Dannat later said, but had a greater respect for the constitutional relp. between Whitehall and the British Army.

    Edited to add: clicky

    Then hit 'tuesday' - he was on at 1400HRS. Edited again - the show won't have been posted yet. Might take a bit of searching around. It's worth listening to, and although some bits are pluggy, he covers some new stuff.
  4. Missed it... was it anything more than a book plug?
  5. Hmm - link isn't working :( Interesting that he prioritised the constitutional relationship between Whitehall and the Army ahead of other considerations.
  6. I can't find the link for the latest show - but that one's now working. It might be that you have to check back when the show finishes to listen - I'm no good at these things. I think what he meant was 'better I stay in place and do what I can, than shout about things and get binned immediately.'
  7. I had a hunch he was in the Chatroom after his Newsnight appearance... :D

    Or at least, his greatest fan in the world, EVER, EVER, EVER was. Not seen since.
  8. Spill...
  9. You were there, I believe, possibly talking about something else. Cocks, probably. :D

    Someone I hadn't seen on Arrse before or since came in, asking relentless questions about what we thought of Jackson's performance a) on Newsnight b) in office. He got short shrift, and defended him- vigorously if unconvincingly- on a number of points. Showed no interest in any other aspect of the discussion. Then left.

    Ask Tpr_C_Hunt (I think he was there).

    Of course I could well be wrong, etc etc.
  10. dang i miss all the fun ..... if it was 'tinfoil on' POD 'tinfoil off' i do hope he went to bed crying that the big boys made me do it and no body likes me know ..... or am i just being a huge biach or was he realy fighting our corner Tooth and nail until the very end.

    me im putting money on me being a huge biach