The Dark Art of Oven Pulled Pork

That'll do it. Slow roast the pork on low heat for six or eight hours as described by the OP, but no rub. Just salt and pepper, sprig or two of rosemary, loads of garlic and some sage. Lose the root beer and substitute a pale ale with a little stock. Once the piggy has been removed for shredding, dump the herbs and blitz the onions with the stock to make a gravy base. Spoon of that in the kraut while frying and a good splash over the roasted spuds on the side.

Fill a baguette with pig, mustard and fried kraut, shove a load of chips or roasted spuds on the side, bit of gravy and stand well back to avoid losing extremities to my rapidly moving dinner manglers.


Coming up for air, inbetween mouthfuls ?
Indeedy. One is partial to mustard on pig.

Particularly pig sossidgiz.

Sounds inedible.

T'is only a thin layer of mustard, and it does crisp up. I personally don't go much on it and prefer real bark to faux mustard produced bark.

BBQ is such big business now that over the years it appears a multitude of tricks have been developed to overcome both poor meat and poor cooking ability, so you have to sort of wheedle through and sort out the good pro-tips from the bad tricks.

These done well recently in a couple of comps. If you scroll down their page you can see the precise neat way competition ribs are cut prior to smokin.

=====> Pig-Chicka Cow-Cow BBQ

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