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The dangers of leaving yourself logged on!

Should Tartan_Ninja deploy when he makes such schoolboy errors?

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  • No

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  • Never mind he suffers enough!

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Beware of computers that save your passwords and login info at Army bases!

As most of have read in this thread I thought i had logged off this computer only to find when i went back to this (And Other Sites) it auto logged on again under my name.....no good...so BEWARE!

Ninja. :?

(And the prep has been found and spanked) :wink:
Well as many of you will understand , the welfare computer system in Iraq
leaves the ardent arrser wide open for log on errors. The number of times i have logged on to arrse to see somebody has logged on to that same PC with there user name .
I must admit it has been tempting to use there user name to ''clear the air or right all the military wrongs'' however i have managed to avoid temptation . I do wonder who has been using my user name in Chat whilst i have been away . anyway ''JUNGLYNX, POLYETHEL'' you owe me for my honesty .
Good question can you answer FF???

How are things Tartan? Missing us good looking lads back home yet?

(remember try a green silk dressing gown next time, less inconspicuous and possibly a smaller choice in firearm, GPMG = big and heavy, SA80 not so big and heavy!)

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