The dangers of going ugly early...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by msr, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. For both sexes it would seem.....
  3. I guess their just less discerning :p
  4. Jeremy fcuking Kyle explained.............
  5. well its obvious...all them lovely, warm, sweaty folds incubate the sperm for longer meaning us curvy birds can get pregnant from one bunk-up for up to 6 months!!
  6. It's because they don't wash, the lazy, sweaty, fat cunts.
  7. to be fair the only way to get right into the creases is with a toothbrush, but they're very scratchy!!
  8. Strapped to a roof rack and through a carwash should do it.
  9. hmmm....don't know if it'd get underneath into the arrse crack which, after missionary, would be optimal tadpole storage space!! Then when you stand up, it just seeps back down guntwards!!
  10. Thats what the manual pressure wash is for.
  11. oooh foreplay!!! Like the showerhead but for big girls :D
  12. Leaving your car looking like it has been on a road trip round the beaches of gulf of Mexico.
  13. i'm thinking more the Top Gear american road trip where JC (bows down in wonder) had a dead, rotting cow on his roofrack for the roadkill supper challenge

  14. I banged a right fat bird once. She was from Stowmarket and I thought I'd beat the queue and save my money trying to bag a tasty bint and went in for a fatty early to avoid embarassment. That and the fact that I was skint. And that I also a penchant for fatbirds as they were always grateful. As was I. Anyway went bareback and by buggery (literally) she was great. When she got on top I was breathless afterwards. Fat birds are great too so dont believe all the bollocks. Also as BIGBIRD says you can put little bit of a donor kebab in their folds so when you are hungry after all that humping and pumping you can have a snack . Win Win.
  15. Keeps it warm too!