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The dangerous, divisive effect of being offended


I wonder how many newspapers would publish this particular cartoon nowadays.
Hopefully society can do away with all the critical race theory b0ll0cks which is a US thing but also has the ultimate destination of racial segregation.

Different well meaning people have tried to convince me that all the mental policies in the US are required in the UK, including employment quotas by race which are needed apparently because workplaces, like the police, must reflect the communities that they serve. When I ask them whether that means white police for white communities and white hospitals for white people, apparently it doesn't and they never bring the subject up again.

Another US thing creeping into the UK is the obsession with "lived experience", previously known as unverified anecdotes. Thats another thing that needs a bullet in the neck.

The dangerous thing, ultimately, is that kids see all this woo and emperor's clothes dressed up as academia & being kids they want to say stupid stuff anyway. In the past they were moderated by their peers or people with their beat interests at heart. Now, they can be put on registers for wrong speak so you can't blame them for only speaking freely on encrypted, unmoderated foreign apps where there is no sense of right or wrong & the sort of crimes happening are serious.

I'm not a religious person & I like the separation of religion & state but if there is no mechanism for forgiveness then we're going to have a new society made of the damned & the few chosen.

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