The Dangerous Book for Squadies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by here_be_mike, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Browsing along the shelves in my local tesco I find a fantastic little book that was immediately bought for my nephews. Its the "The Dangerous Book for Boys", this book tells you how to build proper tree houses, proper bows and arrows, go cart and tells you all about dinosaurs and historical battles. The kind of book to make any childhood much more fun even if you had pro life Christian parents. But it got me thinking, what would a squadie version have in it? Drinking games, tips for drinking your own vomit "How To" guides on the most perverse sex acts possible? What would you guys put in it?
  2. ive got that book lol is it a red cover?? and the squaddie one would undoubtedly be full of drinking games and tits

  3. Not so much 'How to' but more 'How to get away with...'
  4. Or if caught 'How to get off the charges'
  5. that book would definately be in demand!
  6. Could be useful, imagine being able to turn to a page telling you how to refuse to soldier, or improvise a nuclear weapon. I'd buy that for a dollar.