The danger of falling flags

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hattie_Jacques, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. From BBC:

  2. I know and understand the typical response to these sort of things is to blame the Councils.... but lets look at the reasons councils have had to start taking such ridiculous steps.

    Spreading from our friends across the Atlantic is the 'no-win, no-fee' law suit and a whole gaggle of ambulance/accident chasing lawyers.
    Before - when you, I or anyone else had an accident we would mentally chide ourself "stupid clot should have watched where I was going"...

    but in doing so we would be accepting some degree of personal responsibilty. There is a huge erosion in personal responsibilty underway - if you have an accident now then it must be someone else's fault; and if that's the case then you can sue!

    This is especially prevalent in Liverpool... now, now - hold off on the thieving scouse comments. :lol:

    In records for 2003, 800 people per month were sueing Liverpool council because they tripped on a pavement. Now while 80% of these cases were proved to be spurious/fraudulent the amount paid out in the other cases was some £5.5 million (Figures taken from The Sunday Telegraph - April 17th 2005).

    And although it may be a bit of an over-reaction to curtail flag-flying, the underlying principle is still the same.

  3. right, so it's all the Yanks fault yes?

    I like your thinking :twisted: :wink:
  4. ^ Good point..... hadnt quite said that, but hey, why not! [​IMG]