The 'Dandy' is due to close.....

So no more 'Desperate Dan' or 'Korky the Cat',the sales of my favourite childhood comic have fallen from 2,000,000 pw in the 40s/50s to a paltry 8,000 in 2012...
What was your favourite comic/character?....


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Musso da Wop, He's a Big Addaflop.


Not bovvered. Bit more of a "Victor" fan myself.


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I used to get the Dandy every week in the late 80s. Loved it. Except for the weeks where they put a refresher bar on the front. Ripped the comic getting the sodding thing off and they were 50 shades of utterly gipping to try and eat...
I used to get the Dandy, Master Chef carried on the tradition, but the artwork was crap, the stories aimed pitifully low, when it went to fortnightly the writing was on the wall.

The 'free' gifts started to come out every week, when I was getting it, and the Victor, in the 60s freegifts were like mini Christmases, and about as frequent. I think the days of the mass produced comics are all but over, the prices are high for what you get; I got 2000AD from the late 70s until the late 90s, that is still a weekly, and £2.35 a pop.

Edit. My favourite character would have been Desperate Dan, my favourite serial was 'The crimson ball'


The Beano is a far superior comic, I used to get the annuals and would be enthralled reading them whilst we drove to some dodgy camping site.

Korky the Cat was one of my favorites from The Dandy.
Little Plum our Redskin Chum. then Roy of the Rovers.
I much prefer Viz.
I bought the Beano and Dandy for the kids a while ago and they were unimpressed. Found a couple of annuals from the early 80's and they loved them.
Willie the Kid.

Most of you would never had heard of him. Leo Baxendale at his best.

I still refer to mustard as Mouse turd to this day!
I got 2000AD from the late 70s until the late 90s, that is still a weekly
I still do, and the Judge Dredd monthly.
Grew up with the Victor, towards the end it ran spreads on the scout movement. Annuals were always good stories. From Vickers platoons malleting the japs to Subbies walking wheelbarrow with wounded batman to safety.
That brings back memories...... An unforgettable night in the Mess. I fear we may have over stepped the mark that night.

Brown Bottle was a favourite of mine, as was the Viz character of the same name
I always used to get The Beano as a kid, but my grandma had a big collection of Dandy annuals that she'd got from a jumble sale for me & my siblings to read when we stayed over there. Shame to see it go but I cant imagine todays streetwise & technology saturated kids are really interested in reading innocent comics like that when they are subjected to the adult world way before they should be.
I moved on to Eagle when I was about 8 though, anyone remember the strips "Charleys War" and "Survival" that were in there? they were quite graphic & shocking for a kid, but really good. Still read Viz, and its still mostly very funny!


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Aaah, Eagle. Dan Dare, pilot of the future, looking a bit like Rt Hon A Blair QC, the Mekon looking like his wife only prettier (get the Treen jaw line), and Digby the token Other Rank.

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