The Dam.

Did post in travel, but not a lot of replies...

Then I thought I'd post in here, as I should imagine the wealth of knowledge about Amsterdams' :-

1. Bars and beers

2. Food

3. Disgusting shows and extra-curricular activities.

would be second to none.

Last went about 8 years ago, so any updates would be appreciated.

teasers? Jeez. forget teasers, it's naff, overpriced and pretty much a con. Mate of mine once paid 50 euros for a "bodyshot" where some tart pours a drink down her cleavage and you get to suck the fluff out. Christ, 50 euros? you can get blown for that.
Go to the Banana Bar instead. (head across the road from Teasers, past the grasshopper and into the red light district).

Oh and if you get tempted to go to the sex show at the Casa De Roca.....when the monkey arrives on

Food. DO NOT go into any ordinary "Dutch" restaurants. You'll find the menu inconprehensible and if you do manage to pick something it'll turn out to be crap. Also DO NOT under any circumstances go to any of the FEBO instant food places. Find a foreign restaurant (chinese, curry house, etc). There's a great curry house called "The Meyer" in Leidseplein. Go down the side street to the left side of the Bulldog, it's about 200 yards down on the left.

Decent club: Same place as the Meyer, turn left just before the Meyer, there's a blues clue called "Bourbon Street", doesnt open til 10pm and stays open til 5am. Best live music in Amsterdam.

P.S. The Last Water hole (nuther great live music venue) isn't anywhere near Leidseplein. It's at the top of the red light district in a back alley.
Nice safe clean boobies?

OK, so after a body shot....did you notice any of the girls (and I use the term loosely) go take a shower?

And I also object to em calling it a body shot when the bird in question doesnt actually take her top off. We're just talking cleavage here. Seriously, teasers is just that, a tease. The only reason it's always packed is cos it's on the main drag down to Dam square and gets all the tourists.

Go to the Banana Bar. I've seen birds in there shoving dildo's up emselves and challenging fellas to make the "catch".
Banana Bar still going? i have horrific :D memories of dildos flying past my head.
The Banana bar on Canal Street certainly opened my eyes! And no it wasn't due to a banana being inserted up my hoop!
Dont remember if it's free drinks or not, been years since I've been.

Mate of mine had a postcard signed by one of the girls in read "From Pussy with love." And she didn't use her hands to hold the pen......

I was dead impressed it was legible.
Gaz_ED said:
Banana Bar still going? i have horrific :D memories of dildos flying past my head.
I also remember the bannana club but have to say that I turned down the offer of eating the bannanna during the show, 50 guilders for a piece of fruit is a bit steep :wink:

I vaugely recall teasers too, they do an interesting pole dance on those 'tables' but mind your drinks as they dont mind kicking them off. :roll:
Quality. I'm going with the footy lads, so I've absolutely no doubt one will fall by the wayside and end up brassic, stoned and beaten up!

Hoping it's not me......

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