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The Dam Busters -£3 in tescos right now


The dog was called 'Nigger' it was also the signal for a successful hit on the dams.

It's quoted in my DVD bought only a couple of years ago, and so it should be.
maguire said:
as well as a few others ( FMJ, three kings, tears of the sun ).

dont know if they've dubbed over 'n****r' though.
Its comments like that which make them want to dub over it in the first place. As much as I find it a load of PC bollox to dub it over when 50 cent says it 40 times a song, it can be said in most other films and "x, y and z" So what if they have dubbed over that little bit.

Don't give PC mongs an excuse to harp on about it!
JoseyWales said:
So where we go man wiv dis fing innit - heavy bruv an all.

Would that be a starter Alec..?
You are getting there. Looking forward to having a conversation with you on the 9th. Can't even get into this 'chav' speak stuff but thought it an original view of the POW stuff and aircrew speak.


Book Reviewer
'Don't give PC mongs an excuse to harp on about it! '

- fair enough - I have little time for the PC police myself, but I did think maybe discretion over this was the least painless way of doing things.

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