The Dakota in Aldershot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. Sad to see that it's dismantling is now in full swing and it will only be a few weeks before it departs Browning Barracks.
    Shame really as it's been part of the landscape for over 50 years. Apparently getting restored and taking to Colchester. Wonder how many people have photos of it on their wall?
    Will try and get a pic of it later this week.

    Farewell old Dak!
  2. Shame. I imagine The 'Shot is pretty quiet these days. I wonder if the locals miss us :wink:

    Where is the museum nowadays ? Has it decamped to Duxford and is the SF museum with it ?

  3. They do. You've only got to speak to the locals to confirm that. The museum is now at Duxford.

    Looking at Filberts pic you wouldn't believe it to see it now.
  4. I can reassure you it will take pride of place in Merville Bks once a bit of tarting up has taken place
  5. Any one got a pic of it being dismantled?
  6. No more posing pics in November then Jack :wink:
  7. Very sad. Having not been in the 'shot for many a while, are there still the signs on the various approaches to remind the public that it is (or is it was) "The Home of the British Army"?
  8. I'll pop down this afternoon and see if they'll let me in to take a couple.
  9. I was born (Louise Margaret Hospital!) and grew up in Aldershot and will genuinely miss the old kite. Is there any plans to put anything in it's place? May I be the first to suggest a statue of me, glorifying the blood, sweat and tears of the 7.2 years I have selflessly dedicated to Her Majesty. Unless anyone has any more worthy suggestions?
  10. The Council were on about putting some memorial there but I imagine that when all the houses are built on the site it will be trashed.
  11. There is still the sign you mention.
    Aldershot is going through some major redevelopment work at the moment. And not before time.... let's face it, it's a dump!

    The police station and surgery/health centre are going to be knocked down and some sort of new shopping plaza to be built. Montgomery lines are to be demolished to make way for housing I'm led to believe.

    In the current climate Im unsure if the works are put on hold?
  12. JD

    Yes you're probably right. When Chavdom set up camp there will be no memories of history.
  13. Thanks Dave

    I've spent some time in the cop shop erm unofficially of course! Monty Lines was home for a few years but i, for one, will not miss it.
  14. They're still there but are looking pretty shabby now - the last one I saw was turning a nice shade of rust.

    Re the Dakota - gutted. Airbourne Forces museum was the first military museum I visited as a kid and Aldershot won't be the same.