The Daily Wail Mrs Angry of Tunbridge Wells Column

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BoomShackerLacker, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Since 102% of 'outrage' stories on Arrse are served up raw and still bleeding by the Daily Wail here is its very own column. Not only does this rag keep the defibrillator industry reps in Audi 8s (or whatever those big black shiny things with overly bright headlamps are?) it's worth reminding ourselves that this Institution of Middle Under Wallop, England is nearly on a par with Boris Johnson for 'total fabrication'.

    First offering: Roy Greenslade: Mail on Sunday guilty of spreading Euro-myth over eggs | Media |
  2. That's outrageous.I shall be writing to the Daily Mail very very soon to complain.In a meek and mild fawning tone,obviously.
  3. Fcuk me that's made my day! I am of course outraged that one should insinuate that only healthy children are attractive - what if your kid was fat? I'd be upset if a paedophile didn't rape my child based on the size of it's waist. The government should stop claiming expenses, wasting money and instead should legislate so all children are treated equally by abusers.
  4. Don't worry. Harriet's equality bill will soon be law. This will make it illegal to discriminate against anybody on the grounds of sexual preference. Horse harassers, dolphin diddlers and blokes everywhere who turn up at A&E with their willies jammed in vacuum cleaners should fear no more, for Harriet has saved them.

    Paedophilia is nothing more than a sexual preference so Harriet will ensure that your fat, ugly kids have as much chance of meeting Gary Glitter as anybody else. In fact, I hear Roman Polanski has started looking for a house in England. Wants something in the catchment area of a good school. I thought his children were all past school age.
  5. Will gypsies make Britain's farmers impotent?

    I haven't had time to consider that as I'm still not done being all outraged about 'Binge drinking having sex with property prices'.

    Can we have a bus-shaped smilie???
  6. Surprised the Daily Mail hasn't done a 'Euro sausage' story yet.
  7. DM Are you now working for some Government propaganda department now, What is the purpose of this non-story.
    A Child would probably burn off most of this food doing what kids do best having fun........
    - D J Kirkby, Newport, 12/7/2010

    Read more: Junk food mountain: The astonishing amount of rubbish one child eats every year | Mail Online

    That's Gary Glitters argument to a tee innit? Sorry my attention span was overtaken by the other story about the mountain of shoite a kid eats in a year but there is a tenuous link yeh?
  8. I'll see your "EUROcrats interfering again" story and raise you with this-

    Home Office grant for Christian police who believe prayers can fight crime - Telegraph

    A bit old I know but I think it makes a point, albeit the opposite of the one above. Nobody is going to be surprised that newspapers have agendas of their own that will amplify and distort some stories and make very little of others that have considerably more substance. A non-story about groceries starts the media equivalent of a moderately severe forest fire (because it's an EU plot apparently). On the other hand, public money being spent on a group of coppers who think a quiet word with the Great Sky Wizard will reduce crime gets largely unreported. If this cash had gone to the Black or Gay police associations though...
  9. Well here is a classic blood pressure raiser:

    Somali asylum seeker laughing over £2,000-a-week Kensington home paid for by benefits

    Council should kick asylum-seeker out of £2m house, say neighbours | Mail Online

    Trouble is that I am feeling the urge to break something, for preference the necks of those in the previous Government who felt this was such a good idea. No wonder the sponging cnut is laughing, until next April at least when the max drops to a mere £400pw.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If I volunteer to drive the Outrage Bus, will I get Extra Duty Pay?
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    could dumbing-down turn middle britain gay?

  12. The Kommie Kommissars of Eurineland Land employ a whole well funded and large department of flunkies to debunk all the myths and legends of the EU. I just received an Email to this effect. Of course what they, The Kommie Kommizzars may say...., depending on your political orientations, are either true or not true... or even maybe half-true...!!

    for a fiscally corrupt organization that hasn't had it's public finances "Signed Off" by Auditors for more years than our MPs have been fiddling their expenses, well, Eurine-Land does have things to hide. So what they may say, this geezer takes with a great bucket of salt.

    Dear Mr xxxxxxxx ,
    We acknowledge receipt of your message. In answer to your question we would like to inform you, that there is no initiative to make an insult of an EU official a criminal offence. Useful information about criminal law is available on the following website of the European Commission’s Directorate-General (DG) for Justice, Freedom and Security at the following URL:
    EUROPA - Justice and Home Affairs - Freedom, Security and Justice - Criminal Justice
    Finally, we would also like to inform you, that the European Commission through its spokes service is trying to ensure that myths, rumours and false information regarding the EU are being quickly and effectively rebutted.
    We sincerely hope that the information provided will be of use to you.
    With kind regards,
    EUROPE DIRECT xxxxxxxxxxx - your shortcut to the EU!

    It is said that the 'Bigger the Lie, the Longer It is said, the more likely the Plebs will believe it!" alleged to have been said by some Geezer working for a Mr A Hitler many years ago......

    It's also curious when larges scale adverse publicity about the EU is published in such rags as the 'Daily Wail'... or the 'Daily Armageddon' (Daily Express').... that Eurineland flunkies tend to back-peddle over some of these issue.... Bent Bananas indeed!!!

    (I wonder if they will ban dicks with kinks in them..?)
  13. Won't someone think of the children?!!