The Daily Telegraph - Decorated RM officer claims he was sacked for whistleblowing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DangerMouse, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    Decorated Royal Marine officer claims he was sacked for whistleblowing over misuse of funds - Telegraph
  2. An interesting one - feels to me like he wanted the job for his own interests, and is getting a huff on that the MOD awarded the tender to someone else, then didnt have the good sense to let it lie.
    Not convinced in the slightest by his story, which smacks of someone with a chip on his shoulder. This is the danger of people who confuse their own post service careers with the idea that they still know what is going on in the system, and when the answer doesnt magically suit their purposes, spend time having a sulk.
  3. Please stop regurgitating every defence-related newspaper article that you encounter.

  4. Who are the 'experienced volunteer managers'? Are they RMR on their days off or something? Was it actually a part of his job, or as a 'volunteer running deer management services' was he entirely divorced from the MoD, with no contract? All a bit woolly.
  5. If that's the case the First Sea Lord Could simply have rejected his complaint, making a comment about correct channels if he really felt he had to. Sacking him does make it sound like someone was getting twitchy because the guy was right.
  6. A Lt Colonel running 'deer management services for the MOD'................................WTF ?????????
  7. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    All smells a bit 'gamey' to me........................
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  8. Note the lack of timing between the 1SL complaint, which sounds as if it was done outside approved way of service complaints, and the 'admin discharge'.
    The whole thing smacks of someone who has decided that he isnt happy that he is not getting what he felt he wanted, and that because of this, he senses a conspiracy. I've reported things to Defence Fraud before- they are very diligent about investigating claims, so the idea that this would be 'hushed up' is bordeline lunacy.
    sorry, but this merely confirms the sad decline of the DT as a quality paper in my eyes.
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  9. I beleive the demise started when the Barclay Brothers became involved IMHO
  10. This character has been causing a headache for the Naval Service for some time with increasingly unsubstantiated and vexatious complaints. He has widely 'traded' on his RM background in support of his outside interests.

    I'm really surprised that th DT is running this - but they have been sucked in by the whole SAS hero none sense of late, as well...
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Agreed, he's too senior to stag on. And where does the buck stop?
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  12. Does smell a bit of sour grapes, doesn't it? Close to green-ink territory.
  13. DDM is in fact run by a Brigadier, with oversight at higher levels. It is official, works with DE and is made up of volunteers from all arms and services - and all ranks. It works to SOPs and SOs and is one of the most stringent organisations in the UK for ensuring proffesional conduct of deer management. It has its issues, as do all organisations, however it is recognised widely as the best way to manage deer on the DE. As to the gentlemean involved - I am unable to comment as I know not the detail.
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  14. You think less complaining and more fauning would have been a better approach?
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  15. Mind you, the privatisation of shooting (including "deer management") on military land was seen as a potential money earner a few years ago. Someone thought charging commercial rates for pheasant (up to 40 squid a bird) would be a great money earner for tracts of unfarmable land and ranges, until someone else calculated the unlimited/guaranteed access required for shoot management and the shoot days themselves and the potential compo for squashed/lost birds due to exercise activity was completly unworkable/unprofitable.

    agree on the "wouldn't let it lie bit" - how do you get sacked from the RMR bar the usual naked roll mat fighting excuse?
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