The Daily Mail song

Ah, Fleet Street ........

  • A fine body of men and women

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  • They will never find the body - and no jury would convict...

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  • Guardian of our ancient liberties

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  • Taking liberties since ancient times

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  • Why can't I wrap my fish and chips in it ?

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  • Just off Faringdon Road...what about it ?

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Book Reviewer
I have been known to voluntarily buy this paper( but then I have to read both The Gruandian aka Daily Spartist and The Soaraway Scum - The Paper That Shafts Our Boys - for work purposes from time to time too)

It is , of course well- recognised that the best current affairs coverage in depth is contained in the pages of The Sunday Sport.....just ask the PMC...

Anyway saw this, thought of you :policeflat: :

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