The Daftest Aircraft

I mentioned the 'misteltoe' that MM came up with, not the mistel!

My post may have been a bit cryptic but as 'mistletoe' has white blobby berries that are said to represent semen in traditional pagan mythology (hence kissing under mistltoe to aid fertility) I wondered if a 'semen weapon' would be used against ships :)
I'm glad you explained that! :)

Gents, the link above, under the book cover shot, is valid.
I read it a few years ago, but no longer have the book on my PC - scrote burglars - but it is highly informative, if a bit academic
Just downloaded it now, thanks for the link......might have to start saving up some pennies :)
what was the hun plane with the over-enthusiastic canopy ejector, which ripped the pilots' arms off?
I think that was the Do335

The pilot had to pull down on two handles above his head on the inside of the canopy, but someone forgot to build in a pause to give him a second or two to let go of the handles after pulling them down.

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