The cuts are here!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. After months of speculating, rumours and much much arguing the cuts are to be announced in just a few hours.
    the run up to this has led to a lot of tension between all three services.
    So in the final wait up we should lose the tension.
    All the senior Generals, Admirals and Air Marshalls should resolve their anger with one another by having a Dr Strangelove style custard pie fight in the ops room.
    the rest of us can run around screaming "we'are dooomed" lord percy style.
    One arrse maniac can ride Tridents nuclear missle to Iran with a cowboy hat on.
    And a talented arrse singer can sing we'll meet again.
  2. I read that as 'The cunts are here!' which really shouldn't come as a surprise...
  3. Can we nominate arrsers to be strapped onto the first,
    perhaps the winner of the xfactor style abomination suggested in the second

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  4. Certainly nominate who you think is the biggest arrse manic.
  5. Tropper's done the Trident thing twice already, so that's out.

    Perhaps Jarrod and RearWords could enact the hand grenade suicide pact scene from Aliens.
  6. 1530 - Dave makes his statement on SDSR
    1600 - We hand over the Falklands as we can't protect it anymore till at least 2020
    1630 - Tea and Medals all round, pip pip!
  7. Time to bomb proof my shed me thinks and arm myself with a particularly long scythe as the doom merchants have convinced me that we no longer have any armed forces to protect me or that little piece of England known as Albertous Towers.
  8. Arrsebiscuits, as Lt Col Father Jack would have said. Time for a coup methinks. Or a cup, can't decide.
  9. BTW, did someone say cunts earlier ? Usually I'd say yes please, but in this context I'd rather not......
  10. Well we are now armed with nothing more than bad language. The Ark Royal will be sold with a full complement of Sea Harriers to India or Brazil, RAF Lossiemouth will become a holiday park, Utterly dependant on the US who must be geting rapidly pissed off with us as we can't offer even a token naval air strike capability.

    the MoD will have an "everything must go" sale that will make DFS look like a jumble sale. It will also be fair to say that when the good times do return; that whichever pack of jokers are in power will certainly not start defence spending again.

    I can't even begin to be witty today