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We have had a query from a female Capt. who is on exercise and has been stuck down by her monthly bleed! According to her, it states in regs that all females are entitled to a shower back in camp if this happens whilst on exercise. Is this true??? I kid you not, this is serious, she is kicking up merry hell about not being able to leave the exercise but I've never heard of this one. The Doc (also female) reckons its a load of balls but are we wrong?
never had the misfortune of having a (natural?) bleeder in my platoon, if this is true, then we're all doomed.

ask her if she'd be kicking up as much fuss in the sand pit, or does she just want to get back in time for countdown???
Thats the very least she should expect, I believe she's also entitled to a foot massage, back rub, hot wheat pillow, extra chocolate ration and private screening of "Will & Grace" series one through five. :roll:
she should be entitled to a "stop f@~@~g winging"
My thoughts exactly - throw her a First Field Dressing and a gag ffs.
God, if thats true, please don't let it get out. We have enough trouble making some of the chicks go on exercise as it is (or at least keeping them there). This would be a disaster.

Of course us hard as nail chicks just get on with it & praise the lord when we site the wonderful blue portaloos. Wet wipes at the ready!
Always remember sending some lasses off on duty (weekend day) to a remote site from Arborfield when guard commander ( a while ago now). Couple of hours in get the 'need to get back to the room cos I forgot an applicator' phone call.

Suitably impressed she was informed that she would be remaining at her place of duty for the duration. Still felt same way explaing it to CSM on the monday morning as he agreed with me following her complaint. She enjoyed the next few times she was on duty with me too!!
Having just had trials and tribulations similar on a long ex...Whilst deployed, girls can get tampons/towels through the G4 system and it must provide. There is nothing as far as I am aware that allows extraction from ex or war zone to shower.

Certainly RMAS certainly doesn't provide this "service" for the girls on exercise there. I believe the girls carry babywipes
Just a quick update, this has gone right up the chain of command, apparently it is now an environmental health issue! Any EH Techs care to enlighten us!!!!
You should all go into NBC High for the next 48 hours - then ask her the question ???

Always remembered the old saying from Winterbourne Gunner - Gas Gas Gas - does not care if you are a Private or Field Marshall, same goes here Male or Female - decontamination drills come to mind.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
If it states in Regs then get her to get a copy of those regs. Theres no point in quoting if you cant back it up. Secondly what the hell has it to do with the environmental health? This will surely be a solely medical issue and therefore will or would come from Medical sources. The environmental health maybe will be able to advise you with what to do with the used wet wipe but anything else beyond that you may see some head scratching.
she's a captain........christ, she should have know prior and planned accordingly. If she cant sort her own personal admin out, what chance has her platoon/troop got. I always know days in advance that the missus is due, her anger management has something to be desired. This chick should not be in a position of charge if she cant plan ahead or stick it out, no use to anyone!!
Pegasus forgive the ignorance, have you ever served with the good ladies of the Grey Mafia (I am, I accept, assuming here) ?

try reading my first post, the name may give it away too! Lucky enough never to have endured the hassle. Just because i havent, doesnt mean i dont know what i'm saying. It goes across the board, male or female, if you cant get your shit in order, you're no use to anyone and shoulnt be in the field, let alone back at camp
Roger that, missed your first post, I think you took me out of context, I have no doubt you know what your on about, infact, I couldnt agree with you more on all counts. :)

My point being that this situation dosnt surprise me in the least.

You have to understand that (with some noteable exceptions) Most of the "girls" are simply nurses in DPM rather than Officers with an adqual !
at the end of the day, if they want equal opportunities, that's what they get. If a bloke in my platoon aproached me for an end ex because of something trivial, after a quick debrief and a f@@@ off, he'd be back on task, same rule should apply
I'll just add something else at this stage, before AMS females get a bad name!!! The Captain in question is not an AMS cap badge. I can't unfortuantely go into any more details at this stage because as I mentioned earlier, this has been referred up the chain and the last I heard had reached S01 level.

Personally, I couldn't agree more with all of the above posts and I would love to be the person to tell her as well. Sadly, as is per norm these days in the AMS even stupidity such as this is no longer treated as it should be. Hopefully, if I get to hear of the outcome, I'll let you all know.
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