The curse of SC!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Latest rumour, & I stress rumour, is all MTDs instructors used up attending SC will no longer be budgeted to SC but by own unit! can anyone confirm this?

    It doesn't affect me but it will deter instructors attending next year me thinks, esp after last years fiasco over MTDs
  2. msr

    msr LE

    If SC is a Divisional effort (which I believe it is) then Div should be funding the MTDs.

  3. Like I said, just a rumour. It's all way above my payscale!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    And mine ;)

    Personally, I can't see it happening unless SC fails to deliver results.

  5. I've not heard anything about the end result as yet.
  6. Hey Flip stop starting rumours.DILLIGAF
  7. MTDs always fall to the unit that the soldier belongs to. The systems allow nothing else.

    The key bit here is that Bde hold the budget for MTDs and can give and take as they see fit. In 51 Bde all Brigade Assistance Table tasks ( ie helping cadet camps, Tattoo support etc) are covered by a pool of cash held back by Bde. On completion of the task the unit "bills" Bde and the unit budget is amended in an upwards direction accordingly. SC does, I believe, fall within that category.
  8. Trossach you are correct in your assumptions of the way 51 Bde do business with Brigade Assistance Table (BAT) funding and SC is classed as BAT. It has therefore been fully reimbursed to units who sent DS as long as the unit has asked for the money back. In essence the BAT MTD funds were not disaggregated to units this year but once you have carried out a BAT task you get the cash allocation back. All training majors in the Bde are aware of this system so no need for anyone to worry about funding SC 07. I am not sure what will happen with SC 08 but no reason to believe the same will not happen next year.
  9. FF Box, So what does this mean if I was volunteering to go back up next year as an instructor? (providing the rumour was true)
  10. Forgive my ignorance, if a unit uses all of its MTDs, say be January next year, is someone going to tell that unit that they can go home until the 1st April. I think not ???

    X1 Brigade did a survey in the late 90s' and they said then that the average soldier needed far greater than 35 days a year, JUST to stand still on career and mil skills.
  11. Of course they do.

    Summer Camp, a Bounty Requirement, is 14 days.

    I believe that MATT teaching and testing etc takes approximately 16 days.

    Thats 30 days straight away, where do courses etc fit in!?
  12. I don't honestly know! the latest we here is that the SC days is paid by SC/Bde, the days count towards your 117max.

    I was under te influence of red wine & teacakes at the time so my recollection is a little hazey!
  13. 2 Div CAST weekend is being funded by 2 Div. I have seen the piece of paper which states this!!!
  14. The issue is individual and unit allocations. As Trossachs and Deejay correctly state - if a TA soldier performs a task for another organisation (Bde, Div, other unit) there is a mechanism for those MTDs to be allocated from the other budget thereby 'balancing' the parent unit's books.

    As far as the individual is concerned, however, his personal allocation is not reimbursed. His unit will continue to have to apply for extensions to MTDs wherever he has pent them.

    This has, in past years, led to MTD extensions being refused by Bdes until it was pointed out that the individuals overspend was incurred mainly supporting Bde activities.

    In short - your TMs sleep soundly in their beds knowing their budgets will balance. If you volunteer for every detail going on the understanding that 'Bde will pay' be prepared to run out of days come January.
  15. Yes, but the MTDs will not be directly paid from Div. That will be done through an authorised overspend or an add-back to the unit MTD Budget. The cost will still fall to the unit, thats the way JPA works. You cannot charge MTDs to a UIN other than the soldiers parent unit, though I imagine it can add up and report costs across the Div?
    Here is how it works in 51X... Div gave the Bdes a Budget. Bde broke it out to units, keeping a wedge back for BAT, contingencies etc. My unit got its budget of £ Y (or "not quite enough"). We have since claimed a further £ X for doing Bde Assistance Table tasks. Result is that the spreadsheet at Bde shows us to have a budget of £ Y+ X. The CO still gets coffee when visiting the Brigadier, a lot of my soldiers soldiered all summer at Bde HQs say-so, every penny is accounted for in JPA as being spent against my unit and if al goes to forecast we have a few bob up the sleeve for unplanned opportunities. Great thing, the Excel spreadsheet.