The Curse of Johah Brown (part XXXIV)


It really does seem to be true!

....the BMW Mini plant was doomed back when Gordon met the works apprentices. However production struggled on until last Thursday when the curse was doubled. Gordon signed a Mini for a charity photo-opportunity. Four days later BMW Mini announced 850 job losses.

On that same day Gordon announced full confidence in Glen Moreno his appointed chairman of UK Financial Investment Ltd, the government's bank holding company. Moreno quit that afternoon.

The next day was Friday the thirteenth, truly ominous. He travelled to visit Tata's Corus Steel plant in the West Midlands. This morning the Indian Times reports:

"Mr B Muthuraman MD of TATA Steel is targeting to save about GBP 600 million this year from production cuts at its UK subsidiary Corus. Mr Muthuraman added that "Corus has cut production ... initiated several short term measures in terms of cost reduction"
'Jonah' - that is the kindest description of the wholly incompetent and thieving (Pensions) oaf ever to have held high office in this country.

There are no defences open to this dreadful and awful man.

Why is the current financial shambles ALL the fault of 'bankers'?

What about the inept oik 'running' the nations finances?
What about the third rate clown designing the 'financial control system and authority'?
What about the irresponsible twerp allowing an economy to be 'built' upon the 'worth' of private dwellings?
What about a strange man who had to be 'advised' to get married?
What about man so stupid that in effect he 'gave away' much of the nation's gold?
What about a man, so ill-fitted for normal society, that he 'posed' in a crumpled suit, whilst all others wore white tie?
What about a man whose temper and irrationality is reputed to have been legendary in Whitehall?

There is in addition private acquisitiveness verging on 'greed' - this human 'failing' should have been tempered by sensible measures directed by government. Sadly the government for the last ten years or more has been ill-directed by a vain-glorious 'spiv' intent on achieving a 'place in history'* and a maladjusted, control freak, hell-bent on deposing his so-called 'boss'!

* = Bliar has achieved a place in our history - it is as the second worst prime minister ever. He has been deposed from first place by his repellent successor.

PS. Why, why, why? Why is this clown referred to as possessing a 'formidable intellect? If this oft repeated statement is fact, when will we, the tax-paying sufferers, see evidence of this and enjoy the benefit?


May have started out as a joke but this is getting unreal

13 February 2009

"The Prime Minister has spent the day in the Midlands with visits to Corus steelworks, Corby Business Academy and the new Ericsson HQ under construction in Coventry"

16 Feb 2009

"Ericsson will cut 5,000 jobs. The company’s yearly profit fell 48 per cent, although the firm announced stable annual results. "
Always remember reading the tale of when the old king found out one of his ministers was of the Other persuasion, 'Thought people took their service revolver went away and did the Honorably thing.'

But No, The Pigs, Brit Breed have snought in trough and will hang on screaming and lieing till they are dragged away and the Vets put them down.


It seems that Broon the Gormless has the "Sadim Touch", which is the opposite of the Midas Touch, because everything he comes into contact with turns to shite.

I reckon he's got a bet on with Phony Tony about who can be the most incompetent.


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