The Curse of 20-05

For some diabolical reason the Cruel Fates have cursed me to contemplate my mortality by forcing others to point out I am now offically 4 shy of 60 by throwing a ' party ' in my honour...

back in the day when I was leaping off garage roofs with bedsheet parachutes [ not recommended kids- don't try that at home ] I never expected to last this long..I fully intended to die young, machine gun in each hand, nublie maiden wrapped around each leg, as I dispatched countless hordes of the enemy with but one last grenade...

later I would come to realize that I would more likely die of a thousand paper cuts in the service of my country and win the [ posthumously ] neatest desk medal of valour instead...

back in the day, huddled around the six inch creeen of the ol' Dumont squinting at Howdy Doody and Popeye cartoons, I couldn't imagine surfing the internet, anonymously ' communicating ' with thousands of people around the world in an instant - not even Star Trek prepared me for that -

Bloody Hell... how did I end up ' here ' ? Not what I expected, fur shure...
Life isn't Great [ well, except for Bill Gates' ] but it has, on average, been Good...

Kids grew up into responsible adults, while still inheriting some of dad's antisocial quirks.. the missus continued to grow more beautiful each day and the grandkids believe every word I say with rapt attention...I can live with that...

Well.. anyway.. time to face the music, go have some low cal, low carb, sugar free diet cake and up the drip rate on my single malt IV.. taking a few days to celebrate Queen Victoria's good sense to have a national holiday for my birthday and closing down the clandestine listening post until Tuesday...

mind the world for me while I'm gone and don't let MDN and Corp free in the upper pasture as its bad for the spring lambs...

Nurse!!! Wheel me out to the porch, will ya?
You're here, you're alive, and you can look in the mirror and like what you see. Good on you!

I plan to live till I'm 99 then get shot by a jealous teenage husband...
Stevie Wonder was given a cheesegrater for his birthday.....a few days later he told his friends it was the most violent book he'd ever read!

Happy B-Day Rocketeer (remember it's fire weather those birthday candles)

Rocket Man - kick back and enjoy it. Us old bstards have done our share and done the best we can for the kids who follow. If they fuff it up, they have to live with it. Just don't let them get between me and the sunshine. Good luck to you young man says the bloke of 72
Did you make it in one piece Rocket?

You know, there is a correlation between aging eyesight and the missus's continuing to grow more beautiful each day....;)
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